Margot Black is the founder of the group called “Portland Tenants United.”

This group, as well as the Portland Professional Protesters,  got Portland City Commissioners to pass an ordinance to  stick it to landlords by forcing them to pay the relocation costs of tenants who are displaced by no-cause evictions and those who leave willingly because of rent increases.

The aim, of course,  is to eventually bring rent prices under the control of government and away from the market place.

In her day job, Margo Black is the director of “Symbolic and Quantitative Resource Center” at Lewis and Clark College, which is a fancy way of saying that she manages the math and science tutors.

Though she is the director of “quantitative” stuff, she appears to have some difficulty quantifying, not to mention validating her wild claim about, “home grown” Oregon landlords.

“Home grown Oregonians tend to be white and racist.”


She felt perfectly comfortable in her own skin in making this offensive and outrageous statement on a recent edition of KATU TV’s “Your Voice Your Vote” hoping that calling others ‘racist’ would win converts to her plan for government take over of housing.

Make sure you catch the part where she says “mom and pop” landlords are too sympathetic so she prefers to deal with large corporate landlords because they’re easier to manipulate by government regulation.

Margot Black: Homegrown Oregonian landlords are white and racist.

Margot Black, president of tenant advocacy group Portland Tenants United, and director of the Symbolic and Quantitative Resource Center at Lewis & Clark Coll…

See the full interview below:

3 Responses

  1. So let’s let “Big Brother Control Housing, and we can have a “Total Blackout!” Food, a roof over your head, and Obama -Snare! Why would a body even have to work, just fold up into a un-productive blob, no self worth, no pride of accomplishment, no nothing. And just how long do you think your “Benevolent Goverment,” is going to do that? Long enough to get you in the “trap,” and then “Ok parties over, time to go to work,” and it’s off to the Gulag, you go, “Hi Ho – Hi Ho!” Wake Up Sheeples!

    1. Communism pits people against each other….no concern about who gets killed in the battle. When communists choose to hate you, they don’t mind killing you. Tolerance is only a part of their vocabulary when it is a demand that their behavior be tolerated. There is no reciprocity. Their view has no concern that you just want to live your life, enjoying the fruit of your work. Islam and socialism share this same non-concern for others, and acceptance of violence as the way to achieve their ends. They both hate Christians and Jews. Thatcher said, “Socialism works, until you run out of other people’s money.”

      1. When communists invaded Congo, they randomly took 10% of the population of each place they conquered, and buried them alive to create terror. There is no concern for the protests that people do not want to be ruled by communists. Last year in the capitol, I was advocating for the Electoral College, and how it protects state sovereignty, when suddenly the Democrat aide I was talking to blurted out, “When we get finished creating the one-party system, we won’t have to bother with folks like YOU, anymore.”