WINK News in Fort Meyers, Florida is reporting that the city government in Cape Coral, Florida has “cancelled” an announced “Tea Party” there because “They feel too many people could show-up.”

Fearing more than 500 COULD appear, city government told the organizer she “needed to get a permit and insurance for the event.”

Strange requirement as I can’t recall any anti-Bush, anti-war or other leftist protest being cancelled over lack of insurance by government, even though the attendance announced is always said to be thousands expected!

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  1. Perhaps they’ve forgotten… we’re the ones that peaceably assemble for a redress of grievances. It’s the other guys who the city needs insurance against.

  2. Liberal Intimidation begins. This is no Parade. They don’t need any Permit or Insurance. F******** THESE a***********. Folks in Florida just go out and Protest King Nobama’s excess Spending and ignore these Communist threats.

    PS: I highly endorse what Tecumseh wrote in that Florida newspaper. And for other tea parties ignore any intimidation like this from these Communists.

    6:47 AM Tecumseh wrote …Attend anyway!! The right to assemble has been a “twist” in the first amendment that the liberals have used for years. Time for us to use it also. Is this not part of what we are arguing about? Not just overbearing taxes, but overbearing government? I hope as many people that can show up, still do.

    PPS: Right on Tecumseh

    2009-2010-2012 looking good

  3. The left has little use for our constitution, as we have seen. This is just one more example of our constitutional rights being trampled on by government.

    I too hope they still show up in even larger numbers than anticipated.

  4. Supreme Court Justice Brandeis in Whitney v Cal, 1927 speaking about those who had won our independence and prescribed our freedoms through the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    “Believing in the power of reason as applied through public discussion, they eschewed silence coerced by law — the argument of force in its worst form. Recognizing the occasional tyrannies of governing majorities, they amended the Constitution so that free speech and assembly should be guaranteed.”

  5. This move by the Ft. Myers city government simply proves that they are deeply into the pockets of the Komrade Zero gang. Somehow, I believe that many of the organizers of that Tea Party may just go ahead with it anyway.

  6. Somehow, I don’t think the original participants in he Boston Tea Party were particularly concerned about either government subscription or adequate insurance.

  7. Uh, that’s the point of this post, Eileen.

    Why do those who wish a Right Winged protest get cancelled because of this bogus claim, yet left winged protests seem to receive a pass?

  8. My business has a million dollar event rider. I get calls from the 4-H to sponsor their events because of my insurance.

    I get the publicity, and nothing–usually–happens. There was that one year where an elephant stepped on a woman…