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Washington State Drivers: 44% Say They Drove High on Pot

Washington State Drivers have driven high on pot in the last year

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

A new study of drivers in Washington State shows that nearly half of drivers have smoked up before getting behind the wheel of their car.


Here are the other highlights of the survey conducted by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation:

  • 69.3% said they’d tried marijuana at some point in their lives
  • 61.9% believed marijuana use had no effect on their driving
  • 24.7% believed marijuana use made them better drivers; while only 3.1% admitted it reduced their driving ability
  • 44.1% said at that some point in last year they’d used pot within two hours of driving; and

Read the rest of my piece over at Independent Journal Review here. 

Washington State Lawmakers: Tickets? We Get No Stinkin’ Speeding Tickets!

Washington State lawmakers can break the law if they're going to the capitol to vote on something er other...
Washington State lawmakers can break the law if they’re going to the capitol to vote on something er other…

H/T Jason Taft (my awesome nephew).

From NW News Channel where we find out tonight that if you’re a particular kind of citizen you get excepted from certain kinds of law.

TACOMA, Wash. – Legislators headed to work can’t get speeding tickets — or so says the Washington State Patrol and at least one local police department.

A spokesman for WSP says Washington lawmakers are constitutionally protected from receiving noncriminal traffic tickets during a legislative session, as well as 15 days before. A spokeswoman says The Tacoma Police Department abides by a similar policy.

State Patrol spokesman Bob Calkins says the privilege not only applies to moving violations near the state Capitol in Olympia, but potentially anywhere in the state.

The logic? Detaining lawmakers on the road — even for the time it takes to issue them a speeding ticket — may delay them from getting to the Capitol to vote.

This is not a new tradition.

“There were European despots who our framers could see trumping up charges against political rivals, and having them arrested on the way to Parliament so they wouldn’t be there to vote. So they put really in the fine print of the constitution this prohibition on impeding legislators on their way to session,” said Bob Calkins with the Washington State Patrol.

Calkins says only about half a dozen lawmakers every year escape tickets under this language in the constitution. But the WSP wants to make it clear this only applies to speeding citations – lawmakers who are caught driving recklessly or drunk don’t get any passes.

*VIDEO* “Laughing at Liberals” Catches Anti Gun Rights Petitioners Encouraging Law Breaking

signature cheaters“Just put Vancouver, I don’t care. They don’t check all the signatures” an anti gun petition signature gatherer told a man from Oregon and captured on tape by Citizen Journalist Laughing at Liberals.
signature cheaters 2 mugshot
And see that guy to the right? Now look at the mugshot  Same guy. LaL explains why that’s important over at his YouTube.com channel.See Laughing at Liberals’ story here.

“These signature gatherers are working for I 594, the anti gun bill in Washington sponsored by Washington Alliance For Gun Responsibility. Appears as though the company contracted to gather the signatures has a shady past, including Felony indictments for signature issues back in 2010, as well as business addresses existing in motel rooms. Furthermore, one of the petitioners is caught on film abandoning her signed forms out front of a grocery store. Looks like $800,000 from big money donors can’t even buy Washington Alliance For Gun Responsibility a decent petitioning operation.”