*VIDEO* “Laughing at Liberals” Catches Anti Gun Rights Petitioners Encouraging Law Breaking

August 22, 2013


signature cheaters“Just put Vancouver, I don’t care. They don’t check all the signatures” an anti gun petition signature gatherer told a man from Oregon and captured on tape by Citizen Journalist Laughing at Liberals.
signature cheaters 2 mugshot
And see that guy to the right? Now look at the mugshot  Same guy. LaL explains why that’s important over at his YouTube.com channel.See Laughing at Liberals’ story here.

“These signature gatherers are working for I 594, the anti gun bill in Washington sponsored by Washington Alliance For Gun Responsibility. Appears as though the company contracted to gather the signatures has a shady past, including Felony indictments for signature issues back in 2010, as well as business addresses existing in motel rooms. Furthermore, one of the petitioners is caught on film abandoning her signed forms out front of a grocery store. Looks like $800,000 from big money donors can’t even buy Washington Alliance For Gun Responsibility a decent petitioning operation.”


Just Make Up An Address: Shady Anti-Gun Petitioners Caught Breaking Election Laws

For the anti gun I 594 in Washington state, one signature gatherer tells a videographer from Oregon to “Just put Vancouver, I don’t care. They don’t check al…