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Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Has Social Media Sites Scrubbed by Silicon Valley Tech ‘Oligarchs’

Alex Jones, a man I consider odious and most certainly not a font of truth, has been banned from some key social media platforms this week. Just like that.

This is the work, if you will, of the new ‘Secular Taliban’* who are the rocket-making and Tesla driving  titans of tech.

Facebook, Apple, Spotify, Pinterest (?!) and YouTube have just shut down most of Jones’s accounts — depriving him of the chief way of making money for his heretofore very successful brand, InfoWars.

Jones is no more a tool than any number of left wing nutters, The Daily Kos and Young Turks come to mind, and other people on the inter webs using these same platforms.

We all know the stories of hypocritical, double standards used by Leftists who own and operate these platforms – the latest of which saw the suspension of Candace Owens from Twitter for replicating the racist tweets of the newly-hired, New York Times editorial writer, Sarah Jeong, and replacing the word “white” with “Jewish.” Jeong’s racist tweets remain on her Twitter timeline. The term “shadow banning” has now entered the everyday lexicon of Twitter-using conservatives.

In the same week, conservative California Congressional candidate Elizabeth Heng had her campaign commercial wiped off Facebook because it told about The Killing Fields of Cambodia – a place from which her parents fled to come to America.

Apparently history is just too “shocking” for Facebook to allow, especially as told by a conservative congressional candidate who uses her family’s story to explain why she reveres the freedoms of the United States. Freedoms not shared by the new Silicon Valley Oligarchs.

This censorship is what fascism looks like.

Doing it in advance of the 2018 midterms looks as shady as hell. It reminds me of the Obama IRS coming down on Tea Party groups before the 2012 election. Neither of these was a coincidence.

Speaking of ‘coincidences,’  the tech firms who banned Jones decided within hours of each other to abandon their platitudes about free speech and silenced him. I wonder if that’s known as collusion.

Vox reports:

“Initially, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify all took selective action, banning some episodes of Jones’s podcasts and shows or removing selected social media posts they found to be in violation of various policies while allowing Infowars channels to remain active. Last Thursday, the popular audio streaming app Stitcher became the first platform to pull all of Jones’s content, without a lot of fuss.

But on Sunday night, Apple followed suit, summarily banning all of Jones’s content from iTunes — in the process sending a definitive message about what is and isn’t permissible free speech. Almost immediately, the dominoes began to fall: In the hours since Apple took action, multiple sites have started scrambling to reverse positions they were defending just a week ago.

The most notable of these is Facebook, which abruptly about-faced on its own free speech policy just hours after Apple did, essentially in the middle of the night. After that came YouTube, which appeared to ban Jones’s channel (which had more than 2.5 million subscribers as of Monday) from its platform late Monday morning.”

Why silence Jones?  A lawsuit, brought  by the parents of a victim of the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting against Jones for the bizarre and obviously false claim that the shooting  didn’t actually happen, was in the news.

To Jones, 9-11 was “an inside job,”  a view held by the darling of the left, Rosie O’Donnell, and many others.

Practically every horrible mass event is depicted by Jones as “a false flag” for something-or-other.

But the Sandy Hook hoax tale was a bridge too far for the families of the victims. The  lawsuit, that has now been joined by several other families,  alleges that they’ve been harmed by Jones’s absurd lie and have set out to, as Wired puts it, “redefine” free speech after the New York Times v Sullivan Supreme Court decision required actual malice against a public figure when reporting false information.

As for the censoring Silicon Valley companies themselves, we know they are privately held and can determine with whom they’ll do business. But Google has become a category-killer in information ‘hoovering’ and search engine services. There are plenty of other cake-bakers, but Google’s pretty much the only game in town. As a result, some of these social platforms may have become so ubiquitous as to become utility-like. Their very success may make them vulnerable to legal action.

Almost all are run and populated by the far Left or those too afraid to cross the ideological rubicon and speak out. Take James Damore, for example,  who was fired for highlighting Google’s “ideological echo chamber” in a ten page ‘diversity’ screed (irony is lost on these people).

The only people who seem capable of speaking out are self made Silican Valley tycoons such as Pay-Pal founder Peter Thiel, former HP CEO Carly Fiorina and e-Bay whiz Meg Whitman. But you didn’t get a whiff of their politics until they were wealthy enough to speak out.

Former Obama apparatchiks have embedded the big tech firms in Silicon Valley. Don’t diminish the importance of their voices in the “ideological echo chamber.”

From Politico in 2015:

“It’s more than just David Plouffe, who moved out for a multimillion-dollar job at Uber. The not nearly exhaustive list includes: Obama speechwriter Kyle O’Connor, now at Nest; Michelle Obama’s former deputy communications director Semonti Stephens, now at Square; director of citizen participation Katie Jacobs Stanton, now at Twitter; ’08 regional and field director Mike Masserman, now at Lyft; Brandon Lepow, who did advance for the Obama campaign and communications for the White House, now at Facebook; legislative affairs special assistant Nicole Isaac, now at LinkedIn; director of research Liz Jarvis-Shean, first at Tesla and now and currently consulting for Civis; campaign staff director for technology Jim Green, now at Salesforce, along with Obama’s first chief information officer, Vivek Kundra; ’08 regional field director Alex McPhillips, at Google; ’08 regional Gillian Bergeron, at NextDoor; Organizing for America digital director Natalie Foster, at the Institute for the Future; Tech4Obama program manager Catherine Bracy, now at Code for America; ’08 deputy Wisconsin director Hallie Montoya Tansey, at an education-tech startup called Schoolzilla. Nick Papas, John Baldo, Courtney O’Donnell and Clark Stevens are all now at Airbnb. Jessica Santillo, the former White House assistant press secretary who handled much of the Healthcare.gov meltdown response, was the most recent to arrive, now to be a spokeswoman at Uber, along with White House director of strategic & message initiatives Jordan Burke, associate director of intergovernmental affairs Kellyn Blossom and assistant to the deputy White House chief of staff Sarah Fenn.

‘There should be a welcome booth at the SFO airport,” said Jon Carson, the former Organizing for Action executive director, who commutes about twice a month from his home in Chicago as part of his job with the San Francisco-based rooftop solar-panel company SolarCity.

Megan Smith, a former Google vice president who’s now the White House’s chief technology officer…

And there are many more who went to the high tech world after Obama left office.

It may not be too long before I and others who identify as conservative may be booted off these social media platforms and will communicate exclusively through our websites, like in the ‘old’ days.

I want you to put my website www.VictoriaTaft.com on your bookmarks and, though my page is undergoing changes and will re-launch in its new form soon enough, I hope you keep coming back to read my posts and see the progress.

I look forward to the challenge but hate the duplicity.

I also fear the chill this will put on speech on social media.

Get ready. Here it comes.

* Secular Taliban, a term of art coined by Rees Lloyd.

Hillary Clinton’s Unintentionally Hilarious Message Shows How Incredibly Protected & Self Unaware She Is.

First, let’s take a look at the reaction to Hillary Clinton’s Tweet she sent out Monday night.


Hillary Clinton admitted she purged her Suzie Homemaker Server of thousands of emails she claimed had only to do with personal items, such as yoga moves and Chelsea’s wedding details.She says she turned over thousands of other emails to the State Department, which has been slow rolling the release of the emails. Now, with the Inspectors General having gone through only a sampling of 300 of her emails, it’s been discovered Clinton trafficked in secret information on her unsecured server, putting the national security at risk.
Now let’s take the full view of the former Secretary of State’s Tweet:

Hillary purging tweet
You just can’t make this up.

Jihadi “Message to America” and Twitter: “Suppress this, Obama”

Twitter has been blocking accounts of those who share the horrendous video of the beheading of James Foley. But it’s making the rounds anyway.
Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 11.44.07 AM

I was just minding my own business and doing a little social media stuff and house work when I got a message from this guy:

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 12.05.53 PM
Twitter has attempted to suppress the video but obviously this guy is attempting to go around that diktat.

UPDATED: Facebook down! Collective hilarity ensues–and yes, people called the cops

Facebook crashed for an hour today

Photo by ABC News

For some reason NOTHING was posting to my Facebook pages today: https://www.facebook.com/victoria.taft.37 and https://www.facebook.com/vtshow and I was afraid I’d been hit with a virus–after finally going with an Apple MacBook which, as we’re all told, rarely is hit with viruses. Alas, it was Facebook’s fault. Yes!  ABC News got to the bottom of it: 

A spokesperson told ABC News last month that the company “ran into an issue while updating the configuration of one of our software systems.”

Facebook last experienced a half hour outage last month in the middle of the night.

A message posted on Facebook’s developer’s portal around 12 p.m. ET said the social network “is currently experiencing an issue that is affecting all API and web surfaces. Our engineers detected the issue quickly and are working to resolve it ASAP. We’ll update shortly.”

Reaction was swift via

and finally this:

Oregon officials react via Twitter to same sex marriage decision

The hashtag was set, Mayor Charlie Hales was ready to officiate services, and all official Oregon needed to do was hit their “tweet” button when the pre-ordained decision was handed down


Portland Commissioner Steve Novick who has “a hard left hook” literally and figuratively had the most fun on the twitters.Novick even invoked the outrageous decision by the “Mean Girls” of the Multnomah County Commission who tried to will same sex marriage into being by directing the county counsel to issue an opinion.

He also invoked the famous scene from The Princess Bride in his tweets,

Waves of wedding pictures began to appear:

Greenpeace demands windmill powered internet; targets Amazon* for failing to kiss ring

 “[B]uilding an internet that runs on renewable sources of energy…”internet energy1

If you wanted to, you could supply your entire life shopping on the web without using even one gallon of gas in your car. You could go on any search engine right now and secure a house, car, Bible, medicine, fine work of art, pet, information, chemical formula, book, water, musical instrument, movie, vacation,  groceries, car parts, phones, clothes–practically anything–on the web. 

It’s nearly impossible to calculate how many millions of productive hours have been saved because of shopping on the internet (although you might find that on the web, too). Hours spent in your car or on transit have been saved because instead of heading to a store you let your fingers do the driving or walking. Millions or billions of gallons of gas haven’t been burned and therefore have been saved because you didn’t hop in your car and go to the store!

You’d think the enviros would be doing back flips over this! Ah, success! But except for Al Gore “inventing” the internet (yes, he said it), the greens have had little to do with all the savings from this miraculous time saving invention. And that’s no fun unless you’re the one dictating terms.  If you want to be on the greens’ good side, you’d better strive for their latest made-up goal. Or else. 

The group with the word peace in their name has declared war on tech companies for using too many fossil fuels to power their servers. The enviros have now thrown down: do it our way or we’ll issue a “report” and ruin you.

The report has been now been issued. Late last week Clicking Green: How Companies are Creating the Green Internet was released. Amazon Web Services and Twitter were given bad grades for tsk, tsk, using too many fossil fuels to run their servers. Or at least that’s would they like you to believe. In fact, Amazon was given the grade of F* for not kissing the ring of the green mafia,

Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provides the infrastructure for a significant part of the internet, remains among the dirtiest and least transparent companies in the sector, far behind its major competitors, with zero reporting of its energy or environmental footprint to any source or stakeholder. [emphasis mine]

Translation: Amazon didn’t bend over for a wallet biopsy so Greenpeace is greenmailing them.

Worse, Greenpeace actually accuses Amazon of –wait for it–saving money. Shaking its balled fist of righteousness toward the heavens, Greenpeace looks upward to The Cloud and demands an answer of the Goddess Gaia: ‘Why? Why?

Those companies, most notably Amazon Web Services, are choosing how to power their infrastructure based solely on lowest electricity prices, without consideration to the impact their growing electricity footprints have on human health or the environment. [emphasis mine]

Amazon has shopped for energy based on low prices. It won’t be long before enviros label Amazon the online analog of –gasp!–Walmart (see Satan)For the moment they’ll settle for calling Amazon dirty,

Other internet companies have refused to pay even lip  service to sustainability, and are simply buying dirty energy straight from the grid.

Greenpeace really does want the internet run by the weather: wind and sun. They’ve even let water out of the doghouse, now calling it a clean energy! This will come as a grand surprise to Northwest enviros who have Lumi sticked politicos who dare call hydro-power sustainable. Environmentalists, and the politicians who pant at their sides (see Democrats), contend because water runs through turbines and sometimes kill salmon (see green religious iconography including St. Salmon) it’s not really ‘green’ or sustainable. But now Greenpeace proclaims rain is now sustainable in the Pacific Northwest. This is really going to screw up their heads.

All of this sustainability talk is to stop Man Made Global Warming now known as Climate Change –the name change being required to hide their botched predictions about the end of the world that Global Cooling has caused,

We witness on a daily basis evidence that the foundation of our offline world, our planet, is out of balance as a result of climate change and other threats caused by our reliance on dirty sources of energy. 

Amazon isn’t sufficiently listening to the Global Warmists and, as a result, Greenpeace calls them bitter clingers,

The scientific community is issuing warnings, increasingly dire in nature, that our continued reliance on the energy technologies of the past is putting our future in grave danger. We need to shift at internet-like speed to a world powered by renewable sources of energy, disrupting the status quo to which electric utilities and other fossil fuel providers are desperately clinging. 

Internet frackIn its report, Greenpeace touts companies that have said they’ll someday run 100% of their servers on wind and solar power. Look for higher prices from Apple, Box, Facebook, Google, Rackspace and Salesforce. Those companies have paid their green indulgences and now have been absolved of their possible sins against the climate. For now.

You may be wondering where fracking enters the fray. It doesn’t. Greenpeace measures the cost of every fossil fuel in terms of taking away investment in their beloved solar and wind technologies and demands the web giants not “frack the internet.”

While the increasing supply of natural gas due to fracking has helped to shut down a number of coal plants, shale gas [fracking] also diverts investment away from renewable energy. The GHG footprint of shale gas may be significantly greater than for conventional gas, with some life-cycle analyses showing shale gas to have a GHG  footprint that is higher than even coal, due to fugitive methane emissions that are leaked during gas extraction and transportation. [emphasis mine]

Fugitive emissions? File those under dirty energy, clingers, Walmart and now Amazon. Greenpeace has declared war.


Political reporter Chris Cillizza gets schooled—on parenting

leashChris Cillizza is a political reporter for the Washington Post and writes the popular column, “The Fix.” Today he veered off talking about live chats with politicos, retweeting slams on George W. Bush’s artistic abilities and Daily Show monologue favorites to venture into new territory: parenting.

He blurted out this on Twitter this morning.


I understand what he’s feeling. Putting a kid on a leash looks odd and borderline abusive. I’m sure that’s the point Cillizza was trying to make. Some people went with Cillizza’s premise and agreed readily, like this guy

And then people with knowledge of autistic children began to weigh in and school the political reporter:

As I always say Twitter is a free fire zone. You fire and people fire back. BOOM.

*UPDATED* Hobby Lobby: The good, bad and ridiculous

While I’m watching the live blogs I’m bringing to you some of the more, ah, interesting reactions via Twitter.
The word “dominionist” is making a come back:

Here’s someone who never heard of Jesus:

How about “secularist”? No religion in the workplace, you dominionists, you!

Here we go with humans not being in corporations again (but, just remember, humans exist in organized unions):

Don’t you know if you’re an American with individual rights you can’t take them in the workplace? Sheesh!

Here’s a good point:

And another:

The bossy girls are back:

Mocking the business they’re trying to bring down:

I suppose they’ll cry when they read this tweet from a guy who thinks they’re smart enough to make their own decisions:

Intentionally missing the point that women were fully capable of buying their own abortions before ObamaCare:

“The Democrats” weigh in with their attempt to obscure the point and being ironic in the process (since they backed the government getting involved in a health care in the first place):

And you’re a racist. I mean a sexist. I mean a homophobe. No, you’re just a bigot. Must be if you’re a religious person, right?

And a little truth:


Hobby Lobby Reaction on Twitter

The Twitterverse weighs in before the arguments on the Hobby Lobby religious liberty case before the Supreme Court.
Washington State Senator Patty Murray thinks women’s right to birth control pills and abortion pills trumps your religious beliefs:

One of the law firms involved is Alliance Defending Freedom:

Senator Ted Cruz is with Hobby Lobby. The former Texas Attorney General has argued nine cases before the US Supreme Court:

Just some guy weighing in:
Senator David Vitter checks in:

White House tweets pics of first dogs in lap of luxury. Clunk.

H/T Dana Loesch https://twitter.com/FLOTUS/status/433028472689012736

Aren’t those dogs the cutest ever? That’s Bo and Sunny at the White House getting ready for a state dinner … or something.

 If you follow me on social media: www.facebook/vtshowhttps://www.facebook.com/victoria.taft.3https://twitter.com/VictoriaTaft, instagram: 5vtshow You KNOW I love my dogs. That’s my Lucy Loo Hoo on the top and my big girl Moby on the bottom.

lucy on beach  But, while I know somebody is trying to be cute on the @Flotus twitter feed, could they please have some sensitivity about the plight of the unemployed the Obama regime has created? Could they please have some sensitivity about people thrown onto government assistance by your administration?

michelle obama

And, while you’re living it up, Madame First Lady, the country is having a hard time and you’ve let your minions send out a picture showing your dogs doing better than some Americans. You appear to be the embodiment of Rousseau’s fiction, “Finally I recalled the stopgap solution of a great princess who was told that the peasants had no bread, and who responded: “Let them eat brioche.” It was inaccurately attributed to Marie Antoinette.  

Moby fishing


Democrat Washington state lawmaker calls Arizona, “desert, racist wasteland” after Seahawks loss to Cardinals

H/T Tom Thurman

Democrat Washington state lawmaker Joe Fitzgibbons will have some explaining to do after his damning tweet calling the entire state of Arizona a “desert, racist wasteland.” The tweet was picked up by Associated Press reporter, Mike Baker, who screen capped the offensive tweet before Fitzgibbons could delete it.

After being called out for damning an entire state, he posted,

Meantime, at least one other lawmaker, JT Wilcox, was doing some damage control,

Eventually Fitzgibbons tried to do his own damage control, blaming the twittersphere for taking his original, now deleted, tweet too seriously,

Fitzgibbons’ attempt to lay his anger at the feet of the tough Seahawks loss (it was) and then heaping scorn on Arizona over the issue of illegal aliens was feeble, not to mention incoherent.

Dude, we know you’re a Democrat, but could you please remember that as a lawmaker you’re SUPPOSED to act like a grown up, um ‘kay? Just wondering where Phil Robertson can go to get his reputation back.