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Trump EPA Transition Point Man Myron Ebell in Portland for Talk

Myron Ebell is one of the people I always go-to for expertise on climate/global warming issues. And at a time when the Trump Administration is considering pulling out of the Paris Accords pertaining to global warming, his viewpoint couldn’t be more timely.

The Oregon born, Competitive Policy Institute’s global warming expert, served as the Trump transition point man at the Environmental Protection Agency.

The left calls him a climate “denier,” but he likes to think of himself as a skeptic, you know, like science is supposed to be.

Climate fabulists bray that their viewpoints are based exclusively on science. It’s science all right: political science.

On Thursday, June 8th, he’ll be the guest of Cascade Policy Institute in Portland for a talk on what he’s been up to lately.

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Environy: Global Warming Event Postponed Due to Snow

The same people who were in lock step with Al Gore as he predicted the “true planetary emergency point of no return“–for 2016, the sea levels wiping out American beach front homes, increasing tornadoes, hurricanes, melting Arctic ice caps and the extinction of the polar bears, had to cancel an event late last week.

It turns out that the people who believe that man is so powerful that he can change the weather, couldn’t get the weather to cooperate with their global warming news conference.

You’ll note that the news release (compliments of Lars Larson) shows that the global warming crowd has now included in their list of man-made horribles earthquakes. 

Anything to keep the money rolling in, I guess.



POSTPONED: Mayor Hales and Community Activists to Celebrate Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Ban

Portland, Oregon – Mayor Charlie Hales will join community leaders and activists immediately following the anticipated passage of a new city ordinance that renews Portland’s commitment to strong climate action, lower carbon emissions, effective seismic resilience, a safer Columbia River Gorge, and a safer environment for those in and around Portland. This policy also sends a strong signal about the seriousness of Portland’s commitment to green infrastructure and a transition to clean, renewable energy sources.

The ordinance prohibits the construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure that has the capability to transload fossil fuels or is larger than two million gallons in capacity and forbids existing terminals from expanding in size, preventing any further potential damage to their local environment.

This victory is the result of over two years of organizing from local activists and community members committed to the betterment of Portland’s environment and the protection of our neighbors’ health and safety. The ordinance is an important step forward for Portland and should serve as a model for other municipalities and states.

All speakers will be available for a brief question and answer session and interviews immediately following the press conference.

What: Mayor Hales and Community Activists to Celebrate Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Ban

When: To be determined

Where: Portland City Hall Atrium (1221 SW 4th Ave, Portland OR)

This policy was worked on by 350PDX, Audubon Society of Portland, Columbia Riverkeeper, Climate Action Coalition, Friends of the Columbia Gorge, Oregon PSR (Physicians for Social Responsibility), Center for Sustainable Economy, the Oregon Chapter Sierra Club, and more.

The very same people who predicted world wide calamity this year due to man’s influence on the weather, couldn’t get enough cooperation to get rid of the snow.

Remember when the world laughed at Christian charlatans who predicted the world’s demise?


Global warmists now claim climate psycho trauma!

Purveyors of climate claims including: new ice age, population bomb, warming, cooling, change and chaos now warn of climate trauma

When a kid guilelessly tells a global warming purveyor on camera that he rides a bike to school to save the polar bears, is it any wonder there’s climate trauma

Portland kid claims to ride bike to school to "save polar bears" in 2012 bicycle propaganda film.
Portland kid claims to ride bike to school to “save polar bears” in 2012 bicycle propaganda film.

C’mon, Al Gore and his acolytes–the boy’s teachers–have been telling the kid global warming caused by gassing up his mom’s car is killing those fuzzy, cute polar bears. The kid is told riding his bike will save them. Between hating his mom for having a car and the guilt of not riding his bike on rainy days, this kid could someday be a walking psycho ward. ‘If only I had ridden in October and November, I might have been able to save more! There they go…on that little bitty ice chunk… And then the day after tomorrow the waves are going to crash over Manhattan!’

Of course the polar bear population has grown but, shhhhhh, don’t tell anybody, especially that kid.

group touting this new psycho malady claims the climate chaos will cause trauma but that the resilient human race will be able to pull through….IF WE ACT IN TIME!

The mental stresses of climate change have so far been overlooked beyond climate expert burnout and criticisms of too many climate disasters in the media desensitising people. However, the stresses of dealing with climate change are a public health concern that needs to be more widely addressed.

So far I’m tracking with these guys. I’ve OFTEN warned of the social costs of the so-called “Smart Growth”, as they insist on calling it, by cramming people into boxes, working to take cars away, no yard for their children to play, pricing them out of independence through higher taxes and regulation and even fining them for using resources. But, you didn’t think they’d toss this out and agree with those who have been criticizing them for years, did you? Not when there’s another fear to dangle in front of you, they won’t! 

Climate impacts on mental health include trauma, shock, anxiety, depression, grief, PTSD, relationship strain, substance abuse, and a sense of loss and lack of control.

But that’s not all, it gets worse, natch.

Climate impacts on physical health include severe physical trauma, death, broken bones and cuts, disease, reduced access to health care, increased exposure to pests and toxins, allergies, asthma, impaired fetal development and changes in general fitness as climate impacts change daily routines.

But IF YOU ACT NOW you can help stop these horribles. Good grief, are you still standing there???!!! DO something! And, as luck has it, they helpfully provide a list,

Things you can do to reduce the stress of dealing with climate are:

  1. Give people confidence we can prepare for and mitigate climate change
  2. Communicate solutions
  3. Highlight the co-benefits of acting on climate
  4. Acknowledge the normality of emotions around climate
  5. Use personal stories to connect
  6. Be careful with too many disaster images causing a sense of hopelessness
  7. Focus on local impacts
  8. Emphasise the power of collective action
  9. Help people interpret their experiences
  10. Connect the dots from impacts to solutions

I like number 6. Now that’s absolute Al Gore Gold.

Only if you stop the climate (ice age, population bomb, cooling, warming, change, chaos) will you be able to PERSONALLY feel better. It’s all about you. Think globally, act personally.

You have to love the chutzpah. They’re now warning the result of their own decades-long fear mongering in our schools and freedom restricting laws and regulation and disguising it as another climate chaos fall that can only be solved if you do what they say. Again. Naturally.


The Cool Kids Check the Temps of Oregon Global Warming Report

Stay cool, Oregon!
Stay cool, Oregon!

The dire predictions and claims in Oregon Global Warming Report are put to test by scientists who question assumptions made about man’s influence on climate.

Man made global warming skeptics are greeting the Oregon Global Warming Report with what you might expect from scientists: skepticism. 

For openers, the group of scientists who range from Climate Scientist,  Astro phyisicist, to Meteorologist wonder how the report can support this claim about rising temperatures in Oregon:

Al Gore predicted New York would be under water by now and that the Arctic would have no ice. The Arctic has 60% more ice than usual this time of year. New York is still dry. Al Gore has made $100 million + on his Global Warming scare.
Al Gore predicted New York would be under water by now and that the Arctic would have no ice. The Arctic has 60% more ice than usual this time of year. New York is still dry. Al Gore has made $100 million + on his Global Warming scare.

Climate change is here. Average temperatures in Oregon are rising. 

From one of the many scientists weighing in on the new report:

The first statements on the Oregon Global Warming Commission’s website at http://www.keeporegoncool.org are,“Climate change is here.  Average temperatures in Oregon are rising.”, but the NOAA National Climatic Data Center Climate at a Glance site at www.ncdc.noaa.gov/cag/ presents the official Oregon climate data indicating that:

 ·         Oregon’s year to date (January – August) temperatures have trended downward at a rate of 0.5 degrees F per decade during the last 20 years.

·         Oregon’s year to date (January – August) temperatures have trended downward more rapidly at a rate of 1.8 degrees F per decade during the last 10 years.

The list of Commission members features Al Gore acolyte Bill Bradbury, environmentalists, corporate types, leftist politicians and one scientist of Oregon State University.
The list of Commission members features Al Gore acolyte Bill Bradbury, environmentalists, corporate types, leftist politicians and one scientist from Oregon State University.

The Commission (see list nearby) also claims Oregon has reduced its greenhouse gas use. 

These improved and up‐to‐date data indicate that Oregon met its 2010 greenhouse gas reduction goal, having arrested the growth of greenhouse gas emissions and, it appears, also establishing a downward emissions trajectory in which emission levels are expected to be reduced into the future. 

I’m just a layman, but I would expect that in a great recession with record numbers of  people out of work–who have no jobs to drive to, businesses have had to shutter, and production has gone overseas, that there might be reduced output of anything. They’re free to take a victory lap, of course, but where there’s less productivity, there is less CO2 and other greenhouse gasses emitted.

The report also assumes CO2 is what drives temperature increases, but that is in dispute. In fact, the rising sea tide is actually turning against that assumption. 

The Commission also claims:

The problem: too much carbon in the atmosphere. 

I recognize that there’s only one apparent scientist on the list of Commission members–see it nearby–but isn’t a bit flabby to call CO2 carbon? They’re not the same thing. This has been an ongoing problem with discussion of global warming. C02 and carbon are, for some reason, used interchangeably. Considering this is supposed to be some kind of scientific document, you’d think they put in the effort to be precise (Please see the full report below). 

I asked one of the man made global warming skeptics about this and he was a bit more forgiving (and he’s a scientist and I’m not, so I add it here):

They interchange the terms regularly and do separate calculations, both for carbon consumption and CO2. The difference is just the molecular weight of C12 and its isotope burned from fossil fuel and the resultant oxidized atoms of carbon to oxygen forming the CO2 molecule. 

For those non scientists out there, here’s a wonderful explanation of the difference between CO2 and carbon. 

“Carbon” (chemical symbol C) is what we burn to get energy to power modern society. Carbon is the molecular building block for wood, charcoal and coal, and hydrocarbons (HC) like oil and natural gas. Cars and power plants do not emit carbon, except in the form of soot. Thus, talk of “carbon disclosure” or “reducing our carbon emissions” is misleading, unless one is confessing how much charcoal was used at a picnic, or apologizing for not having pollution controls on a wood-burning stove.

“Carbon dioxide” (CO2) is another natural byproduct of combustion, from power plants, factories, vehicles, homes, hospitals and other users of wood, coal, petroleum and biofuels. This is what many environmental activists, politicians and scientists blame for recent and future climate change.

 Please enjoy reading the report below. More updates will follow. 

Oregon 2013 Global Warming Commission Report