Global warmists now claim climate psycho trauma!

July 11, 2014


Purveyors of climate claims including: new ice age, population bomb, warming, cooling, change and chaos now warn of climate trauma

When a kid guilelessly tells a global warming purveyor on camera that he rides a bike to school to save the polar bears, is it any wonder there’s climate trauma

Portland kid claims to ride bike to school to "save polar bears" in 2012 bicycle propaganda film.
Portland kid claims to ride bike to school to “save polar bears” in 2012 bicycle propaganda film.

C’mon, Al Gore and his acolytes–the boy’s teachers–have been telling the kid global warming caused by gassing up his mom’s car is killing those fuzzy, cute polar bears. The kid is told riding his bike will save them. Between hating his mom for having a car and the guilt of not riding his bike on rainy days, this kid could someday be a walking psycho ward. ‘If only I had ridden in October and November, I might have been able to save more! There they go…on that little bitty ice chunk… And then the day after tomorrow the waves are going to crash over Manhattan!’

Of course the polar bear population has grown but, shhhhhh, don’t tell anybody, especially that kid.

group touting this new psycho malady claims the climate chaos will cause trauma but that the resilient human race will be able to pull through….IF WE ACT IN TIME!

The mental stresses of climate change have so far been overlooked beyond climate expert burnout and criticisms of too many climate disasters in the media desensitising people. However, the stresses of dealing with climate change are a public health concern that needs to be more widely addressed.

So far I’m tracking with these guys. I’ve OFTEN warned of the social costs of the so-called “Smart Growth”, as they insist on calling it, by cramming people into boxes, working to take cars away, no yard for their children to play, pricing them out of independence through higher taxes and regulation and even fining them for using resources. But, you didn’t think they’d toss this out and agree with those who have been criticizing them for years, did you? Not when there’s another fear to dangle in front of you, they won’t! 

Climate impacts on mental health include trauma, shock, anxiety, depression, grief, PTSD, relationship strain, substance abuse, and a sense of loss and lack of control.

But that’s not all, it gets worse, natch.

Climate impacts on physical health include severe physical trauma, death, broken bones and cuts, disease, reduced access to health care, increased exposure to pests and toxins, allergies, asthma, impaired fetal development and changes in general fitness as climate impacts change daily routines.

But IF YOU ACT NOW you can help stop these horribles. Good grief, are you still standing there???!!! DO something! And, as luck has it, they helpfully provide a list,

Things you can do to reduce the stress of dealing with climate are:

  1. Give people confidence we can prepare for and mitigate climate change
  2. Communicate solutions
  3. Highlight the co-benefits of acting on climate
  4. Acknowledge the normality of emotions around climate
  5. Use personal stories to connect
  6. Be careful with too many disaster images causing a sense of hopelessness
  7. Focus on local impacts
  8. Emphasise the power of collective action
  9. Help people interpret their experiences
  10. Connect the dots from impacts to solutions

I like number 6. Now that’s absolute Al Gore Gold.

Only if you stop the climate (ice age, population bomb, cooling, warming, change, chaos) will you be able to PERSONALLY feel better. It’s all about you. Think globally, act personally.

You have to love the chutzpah. They’re now warning the result of their own decades-long fear mongering in our schools and freedom restricting laws and regulation and disguising it as another climate chaos fall that can only be solved if you do what they say. Again. Naturally.