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‘Alt Right’ Leader Richard Spencer Outed as Democratic Socialist. Watch Dinesh D’Souza’s Interview.

I guess you could say Richard Spencer is ‘alt’ right– waaaaay around-the-horn that is. The dapperly dressed millennial, a white nationalist, has outed himself as a socliast in a new movie.

In Dinesh D’Souza’s new documentary about racism in America, “Death of a Nation,” the writer, author and documentarian sits down with Spencer and asks him what he believes:

Spencer tells D’Souza:

“No individual has a right, outside a collective community. You have rights, not eternally, or given by God or nature. You have them because you are a part of this community. Ultimately the state gives those rights to you.”

Said no conservative ever.

Oh, and his two favorite presidents are Democrats.

So let’s go to the racist tote board, shall we? Democrats are:

  • The party of slavery.
  • The party of the Ku Klux Klan.
  • The party of the KKK founder Nathan Bedford Forrest
  • The party of Jim Crow.
  • The party of black codes.
  • The party of the governor who stood in the school house door.
  • The party of 1894 Repeal Act.
  • The party of Planned Parenthood (which kills 60% of black babies)
  • The party against 40 Acres and a Mule.

The Democratic Party, founded by President Andrew Jackson, killed and/or fought against the following legislation:

Civil Rights Act 1866
Reconstruction Act of 1867
Freedman Bureau Extension Act of 1866
Enforcement Act of 1870
Force Act of 1871
Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871
Civil Rights Act of 1875
Civil Rights Act of 1957
Civil Rights Act of 1960
And during the 60’s many Democrats fought hard to defeat the
1964 Civil Rights Act
1965 Voting Rights Acts
1972 Equal Employment Opportunity Act

It looks like Richard Spencer fits right in.

And,  before you reflexively bock, but, but, but the  “Southern Strategy”…

KXL: Portland’s ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Protesters Take Cop Training; Get ‘Killed’

‘Hands Up’ ‘cops’ threatened bad guys with ‘pistol-whipping’ and shot ‘unarmed’ suspect in the back.

Cop Training

Hands Up, Don’t Shoot/Black Lives Matter/Occupy activists Fahyim Accuay and Jesse Sponberg took on KXL’s challenge to undergo police training at the Clackamas County Sheriff’s training center to get a taste of what it’s like to be a cop. Sadly, they ‘died’.

Don’t feel bad, fellas, when I took some of that same training, I ‘died’ too. But, unlike Sponberg, I came away from the experience with a bunch more respect for a cop’s job.

KXL reporter Jim Ferretti posted his well done and exclusive report Life and Death Decisions here.  He ‘died’ a couple of times too.

Ferretti posted video of both activists in their scenario training.

First up: Fahyim Accuay:

Then Sponberg showed his prowess which included trying to grab a perp when he was beating a victim with a crowbar shouting death threats. After the bad guy chased and hit Sponberg with the crowbar, the perp began running away and Jesse shot him in the back (2:43 in the video).

In the after action meeting with the Clackamas County Deputies, Sponberg made a good point about cops having too few options to subdue bad guys. Often, they have only the choice of life and death, complained Sponberg, who, during his training tried to scare would be killers with his fists (yeah, doesn’t work), threats of a taser which was deployed (and ripped out ) but didn’t use his ‘gun’. 

Cops don’t have four hands. They can’t simultaneously deploy a night stick, pepper spray, taser and a gun. They have to choose which one will keep them safe. Yes, that’s right, cops lives are worth more because they’re under the color of authority and have been authorized with state police powers. 

But he also repeated the canard about how every ‘couple of days’ an unarmed black person is killed by a police officer.

Sponberg is wrong. Instead of doing his own homework (and while you’re at it, Jesse, check out the whole lie about Hands Up, Don’t Shoot) he would have known the claim has been debunked multiple times. It was first uttered by activists–one prominently featured in a debate with Larry Elder on CNN– and based on a ‘study’ if you can call it that, by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement.

I have little use for Politi’fact’ but here’s what the fact check outfit found:

The report is not an academic, unbiased representation of these deaths. It was put together by one volunteer researcher and details 313 deaths based on news clips and police reports. It arrives at one death “every 28 hours” by dividing the number of hours in a year, 8,760, by the number of deaths, 313.

[N]ot all of the “unarmed” people are analogous to Brown’s case or were killed by police.

Included in the unarmed tally, for instance, is Trayvon Martin, the Miami Gardens teen who was killed by a neighborhood watchman named George Zimmerman. In other cases, whether someone was really “unarmed” may depend on your definition. In nine cases, police said they shot at suspects because they were charging at them from behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Another case to make the list is Rudy Eugene, the Miami man who attacked a homeless man and gnawed his face before police shot him to death.

We also found several “unarmed” deaths that were due to accidents, many car crashes as officers sped to a scene. In another example, one woman was killed at her birthday party, hosted by an off-duty police officer, when she hugged the officer from behind and somehow set off his gun.

To those people like our, uh, ‘friend’ who flipped off Citizen Journalist Daylight Disinfectant for simply asking these folks a few on-point questions about cop killing chants, these facts will be ignored.

But my message to these cause du jour protesters is this: You’re less like iconoclasts and rebels and more like sheep. You’re being used by professional protester organizers and big money backers. See my piece for IJReview about it here. 

Do you know how unarmed blacks can stop being killed by cops? Stop attacking police officers. Let’s start there.

I’ll give them one thing: These protesters were willing to at least try to find out what it’s like to be in the shoes of the people they consider the enemy.

Torture-Murderers Turned ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Charlatans Sentenced for Execution Murders of Two White Teens

A Duo of Black Killers Who Killed White Teens Appealed for Sympathy and a Little Pre-Prison Street Cred by Invoking ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Before Sentencing

Detroit Douchebag Murderer

When he had a chance to apologize for the robbing, torturing and murdering  two white teens who had been in Detroit trying to buy drugs two years ago, Fredrick Young didn’t bother.  Instead ‘apologized’ to the families of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, according to Fox News Detroit: 

“I’d like to say sorry to the families of Aiyanna Jones, Michael Brown, Eric Garner,” Young said. “And I want to apologize to them for not being able to get justice for their loved ones who was murdered in cold blood – and in respect for the peaceful protest, I want to say hands up don’t shoot. Black lives matter – that’s it your honor.”

People in the courtroom reacted in disbelief. But still – the message from the families of Jacob Kudla and Jourdan Bobbish was one of forgiveness.

The parents of the victims talked of sorrow and forgiveness–to the backs of the killers who refused to turn and face them.

“Everything just aches and it’s just a totally senseless crime,” said Mike Bobbish, Jourdan’s father. “And how you could march someone out in the middle of a field and execute them – we’re not a third world country. Sometimes I wish it did happen in a third world country because it would be a lot different outcome of this whole thing.”

Virgie Kudla, Jacob’s mother then spoke.

“Not only did the defendant take away my son’s future,” she said. “He took away my future – my future as a mother – my future as a grandmother.”

“I have sorrow in my heart, soul and every fiber of my being today and I will carry that with me for the rest of my life here on earth,” said Carrie Bobbish, Jourdan’s mother.

Fox 2 News Headlines

The Grand Jury and now reportedly the Eric Holder Justice Department itself have found Officer Darren Wilson was within training protocol when he shot Michael Brown. In fact, according to witnesses who were not friends of Brown, he never raised his hands in the ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ manner. That is a bald faced lie. The man who used it in a Detroit courtroom is the very symbol of this vacuous bunch.

Too bad, too. The wholesale take over of this ‘Black Lives Matter’ astro turf group by the Lisa Fithians and George Soroses of the world, has meant the lost the support of people who have always believed–and still believe– in citizen involvement and the need to push back on government overreach, whether it happens on the street by cops or by the IRS going after conservative groups.

*Video* Night Ruined: Grinch Protesters Block Portland’s Christmas Revelers from Peacock Lane While Chanting & Caroling for Cop Deaths

‘Deck the Halls With Rows of Dead Cops’ caught on tape by Laughing at Liberals

Image Credit: Laughing at Liberals
Image Credit: Laughing at Liberals

Christmas revelers teeming to get a last look at the Christmas light display along Portland’s venerable Peacock Lane were blocked from doing so by Portland’s Professional Protesters who shoved, shrieked and chanted their way down the street Saturday night. The result was an entire evening ruined for possibly hundreds of Portlanders. 

Revelers, who thought they’d enjoy a lovely Christmas experience, had to put up with the profanity filled chanting. Things got worse when one motorist tried to make his way through the protesters. He was accused of hitting the poor things with his car. Profanity filled shrieking grew worse as a result.

The vanity protesters chanted their usual ‘Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho’ platitudes and blocked traffic at the busy intersection leading to the display at 39th and Belmont in SE Portland.  But when they walked the short distance to Peacock Lane –blocking tour buses other motorists alike–they broke out the real reason for their protest: cop killing. From Laughing at Liberals:

Portland protesters blocked the busy intersection of 39th & Belmont, got into several shouting matches with drivers, sung Christmas carol parodies that included “Deck the halls with rows of dead cops” and “Cop free Christmas”, chanted “What do we want? NO COPS”, got into more shouting and shoving

 Though the bar is generally pretty low for these rabble, but, with that said, this may go down as a new low.

Where were the cops? As far away as possible.

What I saw in Ferguson, Missouri

Ferguson Memorial
A memorial occupies the middle of Canfield Drive in Ferguson where Michael Brown’s body lay while police investigated the cop shooting.

Michael Brown was killed by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson on August 9th. Since then, the town has been depicted in the media as more caricature than place. Since the shooting and subsequent protests and riots, it’s become short hand for a slum where ‘disaffected black youth’ run the streets, jack up unsuspecting store owners and are incessantly hassled by the cops.

In fact, Ferguson is a pleasant burg on the outskirts of St. Louis. It’s not a ghetto. Neither is it a fancy gated community. It’s a leafy suburb marked by simple, boxy, unadorned, working class homes. Gutters are full of leaves, not garbage. There’s pride of ownership in these homes. Lawns are mowed, bushes are trimmed.

On a Monday afternoon, the neighborhood was quiet where Michael Brown was killed. Considering the media stories of unrest, you’d think an angry mob would be seen at the ready, spoiling for a fight. But no. Ferguson was quiet because people were out of their houses at work or school. There were no mobs. No menacing looking thugs. There were a few friendly looking younger adults seen going in and out of the mini mart where the Michael Brown saga started.

This is the Mini Mart where Michael Brown and his friend stole Swisher Sweets and then threatened and man handled the owner when he protested. Photo: Victoria Taft
This is the Mini Mart where Michael Brown and his friend stole Swisher Sweets cigars and then threatened and man handled the owner when he protested. Photo: Victoria Taft

And here’s what it looked like when Michael Brown was last in this store. Michael is wearing the ball cap.

Michael Brown roughs up convenience store owner after ripping off Swisher Sweets cigars. Photo: Paul Martin Foreign Correspondent

Just a few short minutes later he would be dead.

Baseball caps, like the one Michael Brown was wearing the night of his death, line the memorial at the spot where he died August 9th.  Photo: Victoria Taft,
Baseball caps, like the one Michael Brown was wearing the night of his death, line the memorial at the spot where he died August 9th. Photo: Victoria Taft,

People were understandably shocked at the death in their midst. The many witnesses–including a rapper who used Twitter to tell of the horror–saw something happen at the cop car and then the shots rang out. But that shock quickly devolved into an official narrative, a meme. To wit: Promising young black man cut down by white racist cop in a cold blooded killing.

The body of Michael Brown lay bleeding for hours in the middle of the Canfield Drive.


A spontaneous memorial where Michael Brown lay after being shot by a police officer is still there two months later. Photo:
A spontaneous memorial where Michael Brown lay after being shot by a police officer is still there two months later. Photo: Victoria Taft

There are places scarred by the unrest you’ve seen in the news, yet they look starkly out of place during the day in this well kept town. Down the street from a chic bakery along West Florrisant Avenue sits the demolished gas station, attacked and burned out by a mob.

A Ferguson gas station is shut down after an angry mob attacked it. The roof is caved in from the damage. Photo:
A Ferguson gas station is shut down after an angry mob attacked it. The roof is caved in from the damage. Photo:

It was torched to prove…to prove…well we don’t know what the angry mobs who moved in after the police shooting were trying to prove, but they sure were destructive.

Photo: Nicholas Stix Uncensored
Photo: Nicholas Stix Uncensored

The angry mob vows to come back, however–when, if–Officer Darren Wilson is found innocent of discharging his gun as a thug began an assault on him while he still sat in his police cruiser. According to grand jury released by hackers, eyewitnesses say they saw Brown initiate the attack. What happened after that was not leaked and is unclear except that Brown was killed in a hail of bullets. 

The local prosecuting attorney has vowed to release immediately all transcripts from the grand jury when the conclusion is made public.

But what about the other victims? Businesses are on the ropes because of the threats of the mobs and customers’ fear of going to pick up Chinese food after dark. Not all, but some. As I reported in the Independent Journal Review,

Business owners in Ferguson, Missouri, are complaining the riots and protests have made people ‘too scared’ to buy stuff at night and they’re struggling to make it.

CBS affiliate KTVI in St. Louis reports restaurant owner Tammy Cao, who owns the Hunan Chop Suey restaurant, has lost thousands of dollars since the August shooting and its aftermath:

We’ve lost $200 to $300 in business nightly, people are afraid to pick up in the night, after dark. People are too scared at night … I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

The losses in revenue are already on top of the money Cao’s and other businesses will have to spend to replace broken windows and other damage insurance won’t cover.

The mobs’ anger has also taken they toll on black owned businesses–looting hard-earned inventory– of one and pushing another business owner to the brink of bankruptcy,

Rokyaya Biteye, the owner of Daba African Hair Braiding, told Reuters she’s on the ropes:

I feel scared about my business. I don’t think it will work anymore.

She has no insurance.

 The mob who cries for justice for Michael Brown doesn’t want any for the businesses, the City of Ferguson, or Officer Wilson. 

Photo: KTVI
Photo: KTVI

Others are looking for divine justice. This church sits next to the Ferguson Market and Liquor where this horrible story started:

Photo: Victoria Taft
Photo: Victoria Taft


Photo: Victoria Taft
Photo: Victoria Taft
Photo: Victoria Taft
Photo: Victoria Taft

They’ll need all the prayer they can get. Especially if the mobs are shipped back to Ferguson.

*Video* Black Panthers chant death to cop in Ferguson

“What do we want? Darren Wilson! How do we want him? Dead!”

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 4.52.58 PM

Nothing is clear in the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri except the unarmed, nearly 300 pound teenager is now dead–cut down by a cop’s fusillade of bullets.

After nights of civil unrest followed by a tenuous keeping of the peace, all hell broke loose again last night as cops tried to impose a curfew. 

Over at Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft was the first to bring the following video at a rally of the New Black Panthers calling for the murder of Officer Darren Wilson

But that’s not all. The Feds, already running another investigation into the incident, are demanding they conduct a second autopsy of Brown’s body. The result of the first autopsy as well  toxicology testing haven’t been released. That’s right, a week’s worth of protests led by Al Sharpton, The Black Panthers and others have been based solely on the emotional outburst by horrified citizens, the hacktivist group Anonymous, and MSNBC which has been going wall to wall with coverage. That coverage was only momentarily silenced when police released video showing Brown stealing from a convenience store and assaulting the owner.