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Illegal Alien Central Americans: Where are they now?

10News in San Diego tried to track back where the border crashers have gone. 54% no show rate in court.

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Protesters stop buses from dropping off Central American illegal aliens.
Protesters stop buses from dropping off Central American illegal aliens in Murrieta, California.

A follow up report on where the illegal aliens headed to San Diego ended up concludes most of them were given trips to New York, Connecticut and other places with large numbers of Central Americans to, er, stay. “Very few” are still in the San Diego area according to a Rabbi who spoke with 10News. Considering we don’t know how many were here in the first place, that assertion gives little comfort to those who take seriously the issue of border security and sovereignty.

The Rabbi told Michael Chen all of the families she oversaw will make it to their follow up court dates but, so far, the rough tally for those who actually show up is 54%. That beats the 70% no-show rate for those in Texas.

California city says ‘No’ to shelter for illegal alien border crashers

Escondido Planning Commission says ‘no’ for second time to shelter for Central American children who crashed the border. Appeal is expected.

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The Escondido Planning Commission has said ‘no’ for a second time to converting a senior center into a shelter for dozens of illegal alien children who crashed the border.  Backers of the shelter, including the ACLU, showed up en masse to convince the Commission to change its decision and were reminded, “We need to take on the moral responsibility of standing against bigotry, hate and intolerance.”

The ACLU organized a rally before the meeting.

Before the Planning Commission voted ‘no’ for a shelter, this woman claimed a shelter for illegal aliens would create jobs,

The children were brought out as human shields, outside–

10News reports the protesters may appeal the decision to the Escondido City Council.