Escondido Planning Commission says ‘no’ for second time to shelter for Central American children who crashed the border. Appeal is expected.

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The Escondido Planning Commission has said ‘no’ for a second time to converting a senior center into a shelter for dozens of illegal alien children who crashed the border.  Backers of the shelter, including the ACLU, showed up en masse to convince the Commission to change its decision and were reminded, “We need to take on the moral responsibility of standing against bigotry, hate and intolerance.”

The ACLU organized a rally before the meeting.

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The US has a moral/legal obligation to treat children humanely. #haveaheartescondido #TheyAreChildren

Before the Planning Commission voted ‘no’ for a shelter, this woman claimed a shelter for illegal aliens would create jobs,

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Escondido resident Alejandra Ramos:it’s surprising 2 see people not supporting center that can provide jobs, revenue.

The children were brought out as human shields, outside–

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Hey #escondido planning commission: reconsider the vote that rejected shelter 4 #unaccompaniedchildren.

10News reports the protesters may appeal the decision to the Escondido City Council.