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Cogen Mistress Resigns Amid Calls by Multnomah County Commissioners for Him to do the Same

Cogen Resign ResolutionSonia Manhas did one right thing. She resigned her job with Multnomah County today but she shouldn’t be the only one to fall on the sword. Jeff Cogen needs to go.

The Multnomah County Chair will be officially asked to resign tomorrow by the other commissioners. See a copy of the resolution nearby. 

From KPTV,

The resolution states Cogen’s affair “diminished his ability to provide leadership expected of the chair.” It also states he has caused an appearance of inappropriate influence to county businesses, along with “the real or perceived misuse of county assets,” that is damaging to the county’s credibility.

“The Board has lost trust and confidence in Chair Jeffrey S. Cogen’s judgment and ability to continue to provide leadership,” the resolution states.

 The Commissioners released the resolution tonight.

In OTHER news about Jeff Cogen-having-an-affair-and-having-his-kids-babysit-her-kids-while-he-got-her-a-job-and-raise-while-getting-sex-from-her,

 The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office and Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office asked the Oregon Office of the Attorney General to conduct a criminal investigation. A spokesman said the initial focus will likely be on whether any county money was misspent by Cogen and Manhas.

As an added bonus we get this from KPTV,

 As part of her resignation, Manhas will be on paid sick leave until Aug. 30 when the resignation goes into effect. She will not be able to sue Multnomah County.

How much do you want to bet Cogen makes a few calls to get her a job?



Dennis Richardson Launches Bid for Governor

Dennis RichardsonDennis Richardson is one of the most competent, talented and decent men in Oregon politics today. The State Representative from Central Point is one of probably only a handful of  people in the State of Oregon who knows the State’s fiscal problems and has  solutions.

He would be a great Oregon Governor. 

Richardson is the quintessence of the phrase “Happy Warrior.” “Slick” is not a word one associates with him. He is sure footed and fair, something that comes through in Richardson’s frequent email newsletters about what’s going on in Salem and from meeting him many times in person.

He is spending the day rolling out his campaign with a trip around the state and ending by riding light rail to the Convention Center for a rally. Maybe he’ll use it as a metaphor for the fiscal train wrecks he would like to fix as Governor.

Had his campaign used the Representatives own email list to announce today’s rally in Portland, I might have been there.

I  wish him well and by doing so, wish Oregon well.