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Rees Lloyd: Atheists Lose. WTC Cross Greenlighted for 9/11 NYC Museum

It  must be an Easter Miracle: Temporary sanity has been resurrected in a federal court,  if not 

9-11 cross

in the minds of fanatic atheists who Taliban-like are on constant search and destroy missions to wipe out anything  even resembling the Cross by abusive Establishment of Religion Clause lawsuits.


While Americans  remain generally unaware of it, these atheists, agnostics, and progressive liberal secular extremists epitomized by the ACLU, request and receive from the courts millions of dollars annually by judge-ordered, taxpayer-paid attorney fee “awards” in cross-destroying Establishment of Religion lawsuits by exploitation of the Civil Rights Attorney Fees Act (42 U.S. Code Section 1988) while pretending to be do-gooding, non-profit public interest law firms.  


For them, punishing and fleecing  taxpayers by filing their abusive cross-destroying lawsuits is a “win-win-win” proposition: First, they bludgeon public bodies into surrender to their secular-cleansing demands by threatening to sue and ask judges for attorney fee awards.

Second, if the don’t get a surrender and go ahead and sue and win by destroying a cross, or the Ten Commandments, they reap great profits in judge-ordered, taxpayer-paid attorney fee “awards.”  Third, if they lose in court, they actually win again, because they don’t have to pay attorney fees and costs of the governmental bodies who fightback against their secular-cleansing lawsuits, e.g., school boards, villages, towns, cities, states, the national government. They don’t have to pay the government’s attorney fees because filing a suit is a First Amendment right. 
It is a Catch-22 for taxpayers: If the ACLU is the prevailing party in an Establishment of Religion Clause case, it files a motion for attorney fees which like-minded judges (all lawyers, of course) almost always bestow upon them at taxpayer expense — in the millions. If the ACLU loses, it pays nothing to the prevailing party school board or other governmental body, and taxpayers are stuck with the tab of paying the attorney fees and costs of being proved right.

So, the ACLU and others exploit the First Amendment  and the Civil Rights Attorney Fees Act for profit –although  was adopted by Congress to benefit poor people whose civil rights have been violated, not ACLU and other secular-extremist lawyers.
In short, ACLU and others of its ilk use the Civil Rights Attorney Fees Act as a “club” to beat government defendants into surrender to their cross-destroying secular cleansing demands, on the one hand, or to enrich themselves by judge-ordered, taxpayer-paid attorney fees in lawsuits most taxpayers abhor.
That is why The American Legion, the largest wartime veterans in the nation, and the world, has long called on Congress to remove the authority of federal and state judges to award the ACLU and others of its ilk attorney fees in Establishment of Religion Clause cases by adoption of  the “Veterans Memorials, Boy Scouts, Public Seals, And Other Public Expressions of Religion Act (“PERA”).
PERA would create a level litigation field in which governmental defendants would not have to surrender to the ACLU and others for fear that if they lose, needed public funds for public services would instead have to be paid to the ACLU and other such secular-extremist vulture lawyers. PERA is again before113th  Congress but it has not yet been acted upon. 

The 9/11 Cross Case, which has now been thrown out of court in a rare instance of judicial common sense in an Establishment of Religion Clause case, is an almost perfect example of the fanaticism of extremist atheists. Read all about it in the report of CNN  (the good one, the Christian News Network, not the one umbilically tied to the White House).

What does it say about the power of the Cross, and the intellectual and spiritual emptiness of extremist atheists, that they would react so fanatically to the sight of the Cross?

HAPPY EASTER to one and all, including, of course,  atheists, agnostics,and the secular-cleansing liberal progressive extremists of the ACLU, who react to the Cross with fanatical Dracula-like fear. Boo!

(Rees Lloyd, longtime civil rights lawyer and veterans activist, is a member of the Victoria Taft Blogforce. His opinions are welcomed on this blog and are entirely his own)

Google Deifies Cesar Chavez, not Jesus, on EASTER

The google doodle for Resurrection Sunday is a picture of union labor organizer Cesar Chavez. Not Jesus. Remember Jesus? You know, that guy for whom there is more proof that He lived, served, died on the cross and rose again than another Cesar–Caesar Augustus–existed? 

Cesar Chavez Easter Deified by GoogleRees Lloyd marched with Cesar Chavez and was his attorney for 20 years. He’s a member of the Victoria Taft Blogforce. In the following piece he wrote in 2011, Rees talks about the attempted deification by the left of his friend. He’s disgusted by the efforts, including Portland, to name streets and highways after the union leader. In fact, Lloyd shares about Cesar’s faith, a faith which undoubtedly would have been offended by giving him a place over Him.


Rees Lloyd, March 31st 2011

Cesar Chavez, co-founder of the United Farm Workers of America and the moral heart of the American labor movement in his lifetime, was born on March 31, 1927, on his grandfather’s small ranch in Arizona. 

His remarkable life went full circle. He died on April 23, 1993,  in Yuma, AZ, not far from the valley where he was born. He died as he had lived, fighting for justice for farm workers. He died after a day of testifying in a lawsuit filed in Yuma against his United Farm Workers of America by Bruce Church Company, largest lettuce grower in the world,  over the lettuce boycott of UFW in California.  It was the  Bruce Church Company which had taken over the ranch of Cesar’s grandfather in the Depression, forcing Cesar and his family from farm owners to migrant farm workers. Cesar grew up to become the greatest nemesis of the powerful Bruce Church Company, based in Yuma.


            Cesar died peacefully. He went to bed in the home of a farmworker member (he rarely slept in a motel or hotel but stayed in the humble homes of farmworkers),  and just didn’t wake up. Those who attempted to awaken him in the morning for further testimony in that trial, said he fell asleep in his clothes, his shoes kicked off, a book he lying upon his chest as if he drifted off to sleep while reading. They said he had a small, serene smile on his lips.
            “The angels came and took him,” a local farmworker told me when I went to Yuma as part of the UFW legal team when the trial recommenced after Cesar’s funeral in Delano, Ca.
            California, Texas, and a number of other states will observe March 31 as “Cesar Chavez Day.”  That is of symbolic value, since there are important lessons to be learned from the example of Cesar’s life, particularly about selfless service for others. But the practical impact is that government employees get yet another day off at taxpayer expense while the farm workers remain at work in the fields.
            Like many if not most other migrant workers, many great wrongs were inflicted on Cesar in his life, not the least of which was the awful calumny first maliciously alleged by the infamous John Birch Society that Cesar Chavez was “a Communist.” It was an ugly brand which stuck for the rest of his life, and is repeated even now. It is utterly false.
            For Cesar Chavez was no Communist: Cesar Chavez was a Christian, a devout Catholic who lived his Christian faith existentially, not merely rhetorically. Indeed, Cesar Chavez was man of deep, profound religious faith, whose life and whose principles were inspired by the life and precepts of Jesus Christ, who formed his great heart.
             “I am convinced that the truest act of courage is to sacrifice ourselves for others in a totally non-violent struggle for justice,” Cesar Chavez wrote, expressing in a sentence both his personal  credo derived from his Catholic faith, and the Christian life he lived.  It is by the example of his life and his humble faith, not by any political ideology,  that Cesar inspired thousands to service. It was honor it was to serve as one of his volunteer lawyers for some twenty years. I will always walk in his shadow.
            Cesar Chavez never sought or held political office, nor sought personal celebrity, nor held ecclesiastical office. Yet when he died, Pope John Paul II, whom I (a non-Catholic) believe to be the greatest human being of the modern era, issued a statement from the Vatican on Cesar’s life and passing.  Kings, and presidents, and potentates noted his passing. More than 50,000 Americans of all creeds, colors, and ethnicities,  marched the dusty rural roads in Delano, CA, where the UFW was born to show respect and honor Cesar at  his simple funeral services. He was interred in the plain, wooden coffin which his grieving brother Richard carpentered.
            Cesar Chavez was posthumously awarded his country’s highest civilian award, the Medal of Freedom. It was accepted by his wife, Helen Chavez, now deceased, from then President Clinton in White House ceremonies.
            Although Cesar Chavez never held any position in his church, the Catholic Church has recognized him as exemplifying living a life in Christ. More particularly, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops published in 2006 the “United States Catholic Catechism for Adults.” It includes as the American exemplar of “the principles of the Christian moral life,” Cesar Chavez. (“Life In Christ, Part Two, page 324.)
            It was and is, then, a continuing and terrible wrong to criticize and condemn Cesar Chavez as “communist,” and not what he was—a Christian.
            Another lingering wrong is the attempt deprive Cesar Chavez of his American reality and make him in death what he was not in life.  That is, there is a continuing attempt to expropriate and exploit Cesar’s identity and reality as a “Latino” or “Chicano” hero instead of what he was and is – and American hero, and, indeed, a veteran.
            Cesar was a native-born, third-generation American. Cesar Chavez was also a veteran who volunteered to serve in the U.S. Navy in World War II to defend his county — the United States of America. I was with Cesar for some twenty years and never heard him publicly or privately describe himself as a “Latino leader” or a “Chicano.” Cesar described himself as what he was – an American “Labor Leader” representing all farm workers of whatever creed, color, or ethnicity.
            Cesar Chavez was an American of Mexican descent, proud of his Mexican as well as his American heritage. In short, Cesar Chavez was a Mexican American, not an American Mexican.
            Notwithstanding there are continuing attempts to segregate Cesar Chavez and make him some kind of ethnic cult leader instead of the American labor leader he was; and to expropriate his humanitarian work to aggrandize themselves politically or ethnically.
            A pathetic and insulting example of that is the act of the liberal “progressive” members of the Portland City Commission, at the urging of a handful of self-defined “Latinos” who seek to aggrandize themselves by expropriating Cesar as a “Latino” rather than American hero, to change the name of 39th Street in Portland to Cesar Chavez Blvd. This was done over the overwhelming opposition of the people who actually live, work, and operate businesses  on 39th Street was not about Cesar Chavez; it was all about ultra-liberal “progressive” politicians and Latinos anxious to appropriate onto themselves the work of Cesar Chavez which they have failed to do.  They posture they are involved in “civil rights” work by renaming a street “Cesar Chavez” in Portland instead of going to California where the UFW is making the fight in the fields and needs all the help it can get.
            An excruciating example of the “politically correct” disservice to Cesar Chavez in the Portland street-name insult was testimony in favor of the name change by the spokesman for the Planning Commission who advocated the name change at the urging of  self-defined Latinos.  That spokesman, who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty, is a soft-spoken, Liberal, a man of German ancestry and Jewish ethnicity if not religion, perhaps both. In his testimony, he carefully and conspicuously referred to Cesar Chavez, repeatedly and only, as “Señor Chavez.”
            Got that? Cesar Chavez, native-born, third generation American, veteran of the U.S. Navy, is referred to as “Señor Chavez” – and all the “progressive” members of the Portland Commission sat there nodding approvingly at this politically-correct insult.
            What, pray, would this German-Jewish paragon of “progressive” political correctness in Portland think if in testimony concerning him before a governmental body he was referred to as “Herr [Blank]”?
            Another example of  egregious political correctness is that Portland has decided that all the street signs should be spelled like this: “César E. Chávez Blvd.” Oh, how so politically correct. So, what is wrong with that? What is wrong is that Cesar Chavez, as far as is known, never signed his name with those accent marks. He was an American. Hugo Chávez, the socialist-communist “Latino” dictator, signs his name with that accent mark. Cesar Chavez, the native-born American veteran, did not.
            The City Commissioners of Portland, the Principality of Progressive Political Correctness, at the urging of a handful of self-described “Latinos” who  collectively and individually have done little or nothing to actually aid the cause of Cesar Chavez in the fields of California (as there has been little or no UFW organizing effort in Oregon), carried out this insult to the memory of Cesar Chavez over the all but universal opposition of the citizens who actually live on 39th Street and despite the fact that Cesar’s own son, Paul, who has devoted his life to the UFW, stated in an interview by the Oregonian  that his father would consider it a “waste of time” to work to name a street for Cesar Chavez when there is so much to do.
            I published an op-ed piece in the Oregonian newspaper objecting to the exploitation of Cesar’s good name in the politically-motivated stunt of renaming  39th street for Cesar Chavez as it totally distorted his reality, as an American hero, not a “Latino” hero, and as a man who never sought personal celebrity or aggrandizement but insisted it was “La Causa” that should be focused upon, and not him. I respectfully refer you to that op-ed piece in the Oregonian here.
            Finally,  Cesar Chavez should be honored for what he was, an American of Mexican descent, a veteran, a man  who lived his Christian faith.           
            “What does the Lord ask of you?.”  the ancient Jewish prophet Micah asked, and answered: “That you do justice, that you love compassion, and that you walk humbly with your God.”
            So lived Cesar Chavez, a great and humble American.  May the God and the nation he served embrace and remember him for what he was, a Christian, a native son of America, whose greatness was in his humility, who had no in material riches but great spiritual wealth, and whose greatest gift to his country is his life of selfless, non-violent service to others, all others. 
  Rees Lloyd is a civil rights attorney who marched with Cesar Chavez and served as his lawyer. He’s also a veterans activist and is a member of the Victoria Taft Blogforce. His opinions are his own.


Scott St. Clair: “Gay Marriage” and the Fugitive Slave Act: Be Careful What You Wish for Because You Just Might Get It.

Proponents of gay marriage should read a little American history because they’re on the verge of repeating some of it to their detriment. When what you demand you get, you can call it success, but success has baggage. Ask Southerners who wouldn’t leave well enough alone but insisted upon, and got, the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 and then lost everything in the end.

Proponents have the Big Mo coming out of this week’s Supreme Court hearings on California’s Proposition 8, which defines marriage in that state as between one man and one woman, and the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which limits the definition of marriage for federal purposes to a legal union between one man and one woman.  

They’ve earned their success. They worked hard for years to advance their cause. They were committed, visible, noisy and politically effective. They’re even winning at the ballot box, something thought unthinkable as recently as 18 months ago.

Opponents of gay marriage, on the other hand, smugly took for granted always having the wind at their back on the issue. They didn’t bother talking to many outside their own circles – mostly churches – didn’t bother moving among those in the secular culture to persuade them that traditional social values were worth preserving and flat failed to do the politics well.  They have nobody to blame but themselves.

I’m not alone in saying it either. Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly was as blunt as a brick in the face when he said gay-marriage proponents offered a compelling argument in favor of it while opponents did little more than “thump the Bible.”  

Bible thumping may work when it’s from the preacher in the pulpit to the people in the pews, but it falls on deaf ears to the growing number of unchurched Americans who are probably also the same growing number of Americans who are comfortable with gay marriage.

But even if proponents run the table at the Supreme Court, it’s not game over.  Because they can’t help themselves, they risk snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Whenever the left achieves a big victory, they spike the ball, and when they do it comes back to bite them in the behind. Their utter disdain for those who don’t march lockstep with them doesn’t help either. Arrogance and contempt are bad enough but put them together and rub everyone else’s noses in it and your victory can sour.

 That’s what Pre-Civil War Southerners did with the Fugitive Slave Act, which turned the ambivalence and benign neglect of much of the North toward slavery into open hostility and an eventual willingness to shed Northern blood to end it.

The act required law enforcement officials and others throughout the country to participate in capturing and returning runaway slaves to their owners.  It didn’t matter if it was in Michigan or Maine — they were obligated to become agents of slave owners in subjugating and re-enslaving human beings who, in most cases, were free persons under the laws of the states in which they were captured. Furthermore, the act didn’t allow a hearing for the purported “slave,” but relied exclusively on a slave owner’s say so.

 The South’s insistence upon the act hardened Northern suspicions that the expansion of slavery was unstoppable. By having their noses rubbed in it, Northerners who were opposed to slavery where they lived, but willing to let others have it elsewhere, became galvanized in their opposition.  One result was the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860. The rest is history.

Had Southerners left well enough alone and respected the free-soil leanings of Northerners that became inflamed by Southern bullying into abolitionist radicalism, scorched-earth Civil War and Reconstruction vengeance, things might not have ended so badly for them. Self-inflicted blowback is a real bitch, a lesson as valid then as it is today.

One of the compelling arguments in favor of gay marriage was fairness: Gays should be treated the same as straights when it comes to marriage. But “fairness” now includes bullying people who want to be left alone. When you force them to get involved, they may do so against you and turn the sympathy you got yesterday into tomorrow’s antipathy

What’s gained by strong-arming a florist or photographer into participating in a gay wedding that deeply and profoundly offends the person’s religious beliefs? Why do that when all you’ll get are ugly flowers and lousy pictures? Aren’t there tons of other florists or photographers or caterers or wedding venues who would love to have your business?

If your goal was equality with straight couples on martially-based benefits and legal rights, what’s wrong with civil unions that do that? If Pope Francis, who is firmly opposed to gay marriage, can compromise and live with them, why can’t you? Or do you want to bust him one since he’s the new guy on the block?  It’s not as if Catholics aren’t justifiably feeling put upon these days, so add this in for good measure?

And what’s with the whole gay-is-the-new-black thing? Did you run that by those in the black community who regard that as a total crock?

Why press the case to where it stops being about equality for you and becomes a jihad against those who hold to a cultural norm that has existed for thousands of years – your holy war to eradicate anybody and anything that doesn’t bend the knee to your orthodoxy? You wanted respect, so why can’t you show respect?

Or do you need to pile it on and run up the score?  

Can’t you take a lesson from Abraham Lincoln who, more than anyone, had a bone to pick with the Fugitive Slave Act-loving South, but instead reached out “with malice toward none, with charity for all…to bind up the nation’s wounds”? Or do you want to rub everyone’s nose in it?

Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.

Scott St. Clair is a journalist, rhetorical pugilist, agent provocateur, aider and abbetor of James O’Keefe and a former competitive Highland piper. He says what he thinks, means what he says and doesn’t suffer fools. He’s also a member of the Victoria Taft Blogforce. His opinions are entirely his own, and you shouldn’t expect them to mirror yours.




Rees Lloyd: Easter Sunrise Services at Mojave Veterans Memorial Cross

mojave_cross_coveredFor the first time in some twelve years, Americans will be able to exercise their First Amendment Free Exercise of Religion rights by attending Easter Sunrise Services at the Mojave Desert Veterans Memorial – with the Cross established there by veterans to honor veterans once again intact.
The Cross was resurrected on Sunrise Rock on Veterans Day, 2012, after the extremist ACLU, which has become the Taliban of Liberal Secularism, surrendered in its fanatical efforts to destroy the Cross for almost a dozen years.mojave cross
The Cross that the ACLU sought so intolerantly to destroy was established in 1934 on a rock outcrop known as Sunrise Rock by members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars to honor their comrade veterans of WWI. It is almost twelve miles off the highway down Cima Road in the Mojave Desert. One has to drive to it to be offended by it. Nonetheless, the extremists of the ACLU sued for over a decade to destroy it as an alleged violation of the Establishment of Religion Clause.
The ACLU first obtained an order to destroy the cross in 2002 from the U.S. District Court in Riverside, CA. That triggered a fightback against the ACLU by the American Legion, the largest wartime veterans organization in the world with 2.4-million members in some 14,000 Posts, the VFW, and other veterans organizations, aided by non-profit public interest law centers dedicated to defending religious freedom.
The Legion’s fightback began when a resolution I wrote entitled “Preserve Mojave Desert Veterans Memorial,” was adopted by my Post 79 and District 21 in Riverside County, CA, in 2003, and by the National American Legion Convention in 2004 sponsored by the Department of California. That Resolution No. 326 authorized what became the Legion’s nationwide crusade to stop the ACLU’s cross-destroying attacks on veterans memorials,  under the slogan “For God And Country Forever; Surrender To The ACLU—Never!”
The liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal upheld the cross destruction order of the Riverside District Court. However, the Supreme Court, in April, 2010, ruled that the Mojave Desert Veterans Memorial Cross is constitutional, and ordered it preserved. The casewas remanded to the federal court in Riverside. There, on April 21, 2012, the ACLU finally surrendered, agreeing to cease all efforts to destroy the Cross.
The Supreme Court decision in the Mojave Veterans Memorial Cross Case (Buono vs. Salazar) may now be used as a precedent to save the Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial Cross case – now in its 24th year of litigation by the secular extremists of the ACLU.
While many, many veterans, pro bono attorneys defending religious freedom, and legislators led by former Congressman Jerry Lewis (R-Ca.), helped win the battle to save the Mojave Cross, the true heroes of the victory over the ACLU are Henry and Wanda Sandoz, who describe themselves as “just ordinary Americans trying to do the right thing.”
The Sandozes are hardworking, desert country people of traditional patriotic values. On his deathbed, their friend Riley Brimley, one of the veterans who established the cross in 1934, asked them to promise to care for the Cross after he died. They did so for some thirty years, right up to the time the U.S. court ordered the Cross destroyed in 2002.
As the litigation war went on, Rep. Jerry Lewis authored and achieved Congressional action authorizing the one-acre veterans memorial site to be exchanged for five-acres of private land donated by the Sandozes. Over the ACLU’s objections, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld that land exchange legislation as constitutional, and not in violation of the Establishment of Religion Clause.
The truth is that without the Sandozes donation of their private land, the legal victory saving the Cross could not have been  won. They have deeded the one acre memorial site over to the VFW for perpetual care. On Veterans Day 2012, the Sandozes led ceremonies resurrecting the Cross at the Mojave Veterans Memorial.
Now, because of them, for the first time in more than a decade, Americans may exercise their right to observe Easter Sunday at sunrise services at the Mojave Veterans Memorial Cross.
“We are so grateful to be able to join with others at the Cross on Easter Sunday Sunrise Services at the Memorial after all this time. It is wonderful to know the Cross will always be there now, despite the ACLU,” said Wanda Sandoz on behalf of herself and her husband, Henry, a mustachioed desert cowboy of few words, short of stature, large of heart.
“We want to thank all those who fought so hard to save the cross.  The VFW. The American Legion. Liberty Institute. Alliance Defending Freedom. Thomas More Law Center. The California Legionnaires of the Defense of Veterans Memorials Project. And so many more,” said Mrs. Sandoz. “We are very, very grateful to them.”
While the Sandoz’ are grateful to veterans, veterans are grateful to the Sandozes for being the true heroes of the long litigation war to save the Cross from the ACLU. In an expression of that gratitude, the Sandozes will be honored at the California American Legion Convention in Palm Springs, June 28-30, 2013.
May God bless them, and all the other patriots who stood and fought to preserve from ACLU desecration  the Cross established by WWI veterans so long ago to honor all American veterans, for all time, at the Mojave Desert Veterans Memorial.
(Rees Lloyd, a veterans activist and a one time ACLU staff attorney, is the co-founder and director of the Defense of Veterans Memorial Project of the American Legion Dept. of California, and a member of the Victoria Taft Blogforce. His opinions are his own.)

Multnomah Co. Sheriff to Release Illegal Aliens

Illegals crossing borderFrom Willamette Week (here) we discover that the Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton plans release low level illegal aliens from jail. This is no doubt to accommodate the Obama Administration –and no doubt the Multnomah County Commissioners. This is wrong on many levels but allow me to give you the chief reason: They’re in the country illegally. Secondly illegal aliens cost the taxpayers millions of dollars per year. They cost us in actual subsidies, they cost us by flouting the laws of the country, they cost us by bringing their kids here and leaving it up to us to buy them an education, and sadly, this population of males commit a disproportionate amount of crime–especially sexual assault. 

From Oregonians for Immigration Reform:

Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton will stop cooperating with Immigration and 

illegal alien flyer

Custom Enforcement by releasing illegal alien criminals he considers above the law, according to the report below from Willamette Week, a Portland weekly newspaper. What a travesty! Doesn’t a sheriff swear to uphold all laws?

The High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area team (HIDTA) in their 2013 report, stated that Multnomah County had the highest number of drug-related deaths state-wide (119) in 2011. Most of that was due to meth, heroin and cocaine brought into Oregon by the Mexican drug cartels — some of the very people that Sheriff Staton is going to send back out into our neighborhoods.

We encourage you to call Sheriff Staton at (503) 988-4300 and/or e-mail him at and tell him what you think of his idea.  If you live in Multnomah County make sure you mention it in your message.

This year we’ve seen the Oregon Legislature pass in-state tuition to illegal aliens, President Obama issue a free pass to illegal aliens under the DACA program and now the Multnomah County Sheriff will hold only selected ones among the many illegal alien law breakers. There is a definite pattern here that you can’t ignore: American citizens are held to the letter of the law and illegal aliens get a free pass. Too many public officials have their priorities backward. The numerous federal and state officials, governor and legislators who rush to give favors to illegal aliens while ignoring the rights and needs of citizens must be replaced. “Throw the bums out!” Elections can’t come too soon; let’s find right-minded candidates and support them when they run for office.

There it is. Now the Sheriff says he won’t uphold the law.  It seems to me that Multnomah County should release one more person from the building. The Sheriff.


Time for a Change: Teens Stuck Registering As Sex Offenders for “Sexting” is Wrong

Under current Oregon law the impact that sexting has on a teenager’s life will last longer than the word’s popularity. A teen caught sexting the image of someone doing something explicit (think Greg Oden) or a sex act involving a fellow teen could be forced to register as a sex offender under Oregon law. That’s ridiculous. A bill introduced into the Oregon legislature would give judges discretion in the sentencing.

From KATU:

Senate Bill 68 would eliminate the mandatory sentencing law for the child pornography law of using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct. The charge is often used to prosecute those who take graphic photographs or videos of children, 

                   but it’s also charged against teens who send sexual text messages to one another.

In the following KATU story, the DA who testified in Salem says the law hasn’t been used in five years to go after teens but can be used to parlay the arrest into more info on sex trafficking. But he also says if the folks behind this change, the ACLU and others, is in favor is tweaking the bill to only cover teen sexting he’s fine with it.


I’m a law and order kind of gal and I’ve worked against child sex trafficking, but this aspect of the law is ridiculous. I’m sick and tired of overzealous lawmakers making criminals out of people who engage in indiscretions that 20% of teenagers claim they do. Frankly, I’d rather Mom or Dad sort this out and if it gets to court give the judges discretion in the matter. What do you think?

Prop 8 Argument: You Gave Us Some; We Want it All.

supcourt4_2Let it not be swept under the rug. This point which Justices Ginsburg and Alito elucidated during oral argument yesterday is important. It’s important because it suggests that if states yield benefits to gays and lesbians such as adoption, civil unions etc., that those state are now out of compliance with the 14th amendment on the issue of marriage. States that do not allow those arrangements are not. Get it? It is the slippery slope writ large. If a state gives a little it’s in a lot of trouble down the line and must give way to changing the definition of marriage to include same sex couples. 

This may be an obvious point to the legal set, but it’s not as well known to mere mortals. When we mere mortals suggest there’s a slippery slope, we’re right. Don’t forget it.

Frankly I don’t care with whom you shag, make a home and have a kid, but let’s be honest: this is a slippery slope. Defying biology, sociology, anthropology, not to mention religion to change the definition of marriage and then treating it as a “right” will give rise to other claims of so called “rights.” The fundamental building block of society –marriage and child rearing between one man and woman –will be denied, expanded, diluted. That’s lunacy. I thought all the libs said conservatives denied science. Science apparently takes a back seat when political issues are at stake such as same sex unions and abortion. 

Society and all of its institutions including government, schools and, yes, religious institutions will be, if not required, then pressured into accepting that which is undeniably out of the norm and passing it off as normal even though it defies science and religion. What’s next? 

Read this exchange between Solicitor Verrilli and the Justices:

GENERAL VERRILLI: But it does — of course
7 not. But it is — but the aim of this is to take it out
8 of the normal legislative process.
9 The second point is that, with respect to
10 concerns that Your Honor has raised, California has been
11 anything but cautious. It has given equal parenting
12 rights, equal adoption rights. Those rights are on the
13 books in California now, and so the interest of
14 California is — that Petitioners are articulating with
15 respect to Proposition 8, has to be measured in that
16 light.
17 JUSTICE SCALIA: Yeah, but the rest of the
18 country has been cautious.
19 GENERAL VERRILLI: And — and that’s why —
20 JUSTICE SCALIA: And we’re — and you are
21 asking us to impose this on the whole country, not just
22 California.
23 GENERAL VERRILLI: No, respectfully
24 Justice Scalia, we are not. Our position is narrower
25 than that. Our position — the position we have taken,Official – Subject to Final Review
Alderson Reporting Company
1 is about States, it applies to States that have, like
2 California and perhaps other States, that have granted
3 these rights short of marriage, but —
4 CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: I don’t want to — I
5 want you to get back to Justice Alito’s other points,
6 but is it the position of the United States that
7 same-sex marriage is not required throughout the
8 country?
9 GENERAL VERRILLI: We are not — we are not
10 taking the position that it is required throughout the
11 country. We think that that ought to be left open for a
12 future adjudication in other States that don’t have the
13 situation California has.
14 JUSTICE SCALIA: So your — your position is
15 only if a State allows civil unions does it become
16 unconstitutional to forbid same-sex marriage, right?
17 GENERAL VERRILLI: I — I see my red light
18 is on.
19 CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: Well, you can go on.
21 Our position is — I would just take out a
22 red pen and take the word “only” out of that sentence.
23 When that is true, then the Equal Protection Clause
24 forbids the exclusion of same-sex marriage, and it’s an
25 open question otherwise.Official – Subject


Prop 8 SCOTUS Oral Arguments Perry.transcript

Hearing for Stop Light Rail Lawsuit Re-Scheduled for April 17th

light rail couvFrom Larry Patella today:

“I have just received information that Kelso Superior Court Judge Warren has rescheduled the hearing for our Stop Light Rail Lawsuit.  The hearing is now scheduled for 1:30 pm April 17, 2013.  In an early morning discussion with our Attorney, Stephen Pidgeon, it appears that because of the State Wide impact Judge Warren’s decision will have on the Initative process, the Judges case loads, and other judicial activities Judge Warren, has decided he needs more time to digest the court briefs provided him.
    We not only appreciate Judge Warren’s thoroughness, we remain confident that the voice of the people will be heard.  
        We will use the extra time provided us to continue our efforts to restore to the people their constitutional right to Vote on issues important to them.
        That said we still need your help if “we the people” are to have a voice in how their hard earned tax dollars are spent.      
        So please, send us a check, payable to: (“Legal Defense for Stop Light Rail Initiative (Stephen Pidgeon).”
      For your information any donations you make to our Legal Defense Fund ARE CONFIDENTIAL/ANONYMOUS. 
      Remember ours is no longer a political effort, it is a legal effort and so contributions to attorney’s fees for a legal case are not made public.
      Mail your most generous contribution to: 
      Legal Defense for Stop Light Rail Initiative (Stephen Pidgeon) c/o Debbie Peterson PO Box 872204 Vancouver, WA 98687″

Bi State CRC Rally Set for Friday Afternoon!

From Scrc flyerharon Nasset:

Economic Transportation Alliance has been working on transportation
issues in Oregon and SW Washington since 2000.  We are committed
providing information and data to help citizens become educated and
involved concerning transportation issue that affect all of us.

We have been spending much of our time attending meetings on these
issues, putting on events, town halls, providing data, and information
that can be verified as correct to committees and citizens concerning
the CRC and other transportation projects.  The education process
involves elected officials, civil organizations, citizen groups, and
the general public.  With correct data and sufficient information we
can choose a really good regional transportation plan with as many
benefits as possible.

Education and awareness is helping to form a process and projects that
met transportation needs of our community not the predetermined
political agendas of a few.  We believe that providing a level playing
field with involved citizens making informed decisions is a goal we
can reach.

Economic Transportation Alliance also known as Third Bridge Now. Is
having a funding raiser after the rally in the same location.  This is
to help fund the on going educational campaign dealing with CRC
issues.  We have done a ton of work and there is still more to do. We
need your help and financial support now.  We are a 501c3 Non-profit
donations are tax deductible.    Thanks so much for your generosity,
we greatly appreciate your support.

MMA Stars Matt “The Law” Lindland And Chael Sonnen Weigh in on Lawmaker’s Claim, “MMA Cage Fighting is the Child Porn of Sports.”

mma law makerPoor South Dakota State Legislator Steve Hickey. The Republican doesn’t understand that only liberals get nodding looks of approval when they dis things their friends consider de classe. Things like NASCAR. (Overheard at Liberatti party, “Ashley Judd got rid of that race car driver of hers after he went to (sotto voce) NASCAR! ). Things like HUNTING. (“Bambi killer!” Said while wearing leather Jimmy Choos and a fur collar while eating foie gras canapes).

But now they’ve gone too far. Hickey, hoping to make points in the discussion about what drives kids to violence, has wildly flailed– like a 17 year old trying to find the door knob in the dark after curfew–and has grasped onto the idea that Mixed Martial Arts creates killers. Or worse. Kiddie porn addicts. Says the State Rep:

MMA Cage Fighting is the Child Porn of Sports.

Oh, but he’s not done. As reported here, 

Hickey compares the sport to meth labs, rhetorically asking if, because meth is popular, meth labs should be legalized and regulated by the state.

He wants the sport banned in South Dakota. 

Most of Hickey’s argument is standard fare with the conservative censorship crowd. [Oh, really?] He uses pornography as an analogy with violence, arguing that, like porn, people become desensitized to violence over time. And, of course, MMA is a very public form of violence. 

Team-Quest-LogoHaving been to an MMA match where I saw Matt “The Law” Lindland defeat his opponent in a Strike Force match and having been to Lindland’s Team Quest MMA gym to see what goes on there (prodded by MMA fan and Blogforce member Rees Lloyd [read his posts here, here,  here, here and here]) I’d like to ask this Congressman one question: What the hell are you talking about? 

MMA requires sheer strength, skill and stamina. Michelle Obama herself could love this sport. Hickey doesn’t like MMA because it’s fought in a cage and, to his way of thinking, is unregulated and therefore uncivilized. He likes boxing because, uh, apparently there’s no funny business in boxing. I wonder if he’s aware that if you just imagine the boxing ring  going up a little taller that it might look like–gasp! an MMA “cage.”

I caught up with Lindland after, it might interest you to know Representative Hickey, he had just come backMatt-Lindland1 from helping in a wounded Veterans program (Rees Lloyd also wrote about this program here). The coach,  2000 Olympic Silver Medalist in Greco Roman Wrestling and former Republican candidate for Oregon State House of Representatives would like you to know, 

I obviously disagree– but, this shows why the 10th amendment is so valuable.

I hope Lindland’s right and that Hickey doesn’t take this act on the road to other states. 

ChaelSonnen11_crop_650x440UFC fighter Chael Sonnen has a distinctly different take on the Congressman. The MMA athlete, small businessman and former award winning Greco Roman wrestler told me, 

I’m sure he has no experience in viewing MMA and I hope he hasn’t viewed child porn. Fortunately his States Governor disagreed.

The South Dakota lawmaker is outmatched in this battle. Time for him to tap out. 

Victor Sharpe: Passover’s Gift: The Promised and Undivided Land

Billions, of the world’s people do not know the meaning of the towering festival of freedom and liberty known as Passover; a festival of spring, recognizing an event that has blessed the world for over 3,300 years.

The festival begins on March 25th of this year and falls always on the 15th day of the Jewish month of Nissan. Jews and Christians know the Biblical story of the Exodus and of the salvation of the Jewish people from centuries of slavery under the Egyptian pharaohs and the subsequent creation and deliverance of an entire nation.

Such a seminal event in humanity’s history became the foundation for freedom and liberty- created many centuries before democracy was first enunciated by Greek philosophers who nevertheless lived within a polytheistic society.

Many people know in varying degrees the Passover story and the birth of the Jewish people and of their undying faith in the One and Only God; invisible and indivisible. Judaism has given the world monotheism in its purest and most undiluted nature. The Unity of God is what Jews have defended against all who attempted to suggest a plurality: even to enduring martyrdom as they uttered with their dying breath the towering prayer, the Shema, which is the central place in Jewish religious thought: “Hear, oh Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One.”

And other words from Deuteronomy:

“The Lord, He is God, in heaven above and upon the earth beneath; there is none else.”

Or from Isaiah: “Besides Me, there is no God. Turn to me and you are saved in all ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is none else.”

The long suffering Jews under Egyptian bondage were led to freedom by the Jewish prophet, Moses, who brought them to their own very special and promised land: The Land of Israel.

Moses spoke with God in Sinai and brought a wondrous divine gift to the Jewish people and through them to all humanity — the Decalogue; the Ten Commandments, and the basis of today’s laws of Judeo-Christian civilization and jurisprudence. These ten brief commandments — a mere 120 Hebrew words — are written on the walls of synagogues and in many churches as well as in secular sites. Many of the latter are often the subject of attack by the ACLU and atheist organizations.

As in all Jewish practice, Moses was never deified. He was shown in the Torah, the first five books of the Bible, as a man; nothing else. Indeed in order not to deify him or exalt him over others he is shown in the Holy Bible with human failings and his burial place remains unknown. He sought the mountain top and beheld the Promised Land of Israel, yet was never to enter.

Unlike in so many other nations, Moses’ sons and descendants did not set up a dynasty, and in fact are not mentioned in Scripture after his death (except for a possible coded reference to a grandson in Judges 18:30). In fact, in the Torah (the first five books of the Bible) Moses is described merely as “the humblest and meekest of all human beings.” For in Judaism, only God is divine and besides Him there are none other.

Passover (Pesach in Hebrew) is the first of the Jewish holidays and festivals, coinciding with the coming of the spring in the Jewish people’s ancestral, biblical and native land: the land given by God in an everlasting Covenant to the Jewish people. It is the land extending from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea — a mere 40 miles in width known for millennia by its biblical names of Judea and Samaria.

Sadly, a mostly hostile world prefers to deny its biblical and Jewish patrimony by renaming it the West Bank, the name given to it by the Jordanian Arab invaders who drove out its Jewish inhabitants and illegally occupied the territory for a mere 19 years from 1948 until it was liberated by Israel during its defensive June 1967 Six Day War. Indeed, part of the Covenanted land also includes Gilead (the biblical and ancestral possession of the tribes of Manasseh, Gad and Reuben) which is east of the river Jordan in the present day Arab state of Jordan.

But in the heart of the land stretching from the river to the sea, an Arab people who call themselves Palestinians would carve out a terror state with the sole intention of coming against the Jewish homeland and destroying it. In doing so they challenge the very promises of God in Scripture; (God to Abraham):

“Unto thy seed have I given this land…I will give to thee and to thy seed after thee all the land of Canaan for an everlasting possession”; (God to Isaac):

“Unto thee and unto thy seed will I give all these lands… “; (God to Jacob):

“The land which I gave unto Abraham and Isaac, to thee I will give it, and to thy seed after thee…”; (God to Moses):

“I am come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians, and to bring them…unto a good land and large, a land flowing with milk and honey…”; (God to Joshua):

“Be strong and courageous, for it is you who will cause this people to inherit the land that I have sworn to their fathers to give them.”

The Passover festival precedes two other harvest festivals based upon the agricultural cycles of ancient and modern Israel. Next comes Shavuot, Pentecost, which records and commemorates the giving to Moses the Ten Commandments followed by Succot, which is known as Tabernacles. Mankind was, and is, blessed through the Passover for it is a veritable gift to those who accept its divine message and perform the ritual meal, the Seder, recording the Exodus story.

But there is an evil in men’s hearts, and it is a profound evil, for those who hate and envy this Jewish gift to humanity and its message of freedom, liberty and foundational democracy. They have chosen since time immemorial to rise up to destroy all that it stands for and persecute those — the Jews — who received it from God and who have shared it with all humanity.

Let me recount what Mary Antin wrote in 1911 about the horrors inflicted upon the Jews in Russia as they celebrated the festival of liberty in the Exodus story during the festive Seder meal. Ms. Antin wrote of what routinely took place at Passover — often coinciding with Easter — and of how Russian neighbors reminded the Jews that for them it was another Egypt:

“… in Russian cities and even more in country districts, where Jewish families lived scattered, the stupid peasants would hear lies about the Jews, fill themselves with vodka, and set out to kill their Jewish neighbors.

“They attacked them with knives and clubs and scythes and axes, killed them or tortured them and burned their houses. This was called a pogrom.

“Jews who escaped the pogroms came with wounds on them and horrible, horrible, stories of little babies torn limb from limb before their mother’s eyes. Only to hear these things made one sob and sob and choke with pain.

“People who saw such things never smiled any more, no matter how long they lived and sometimes their hair turned white in a day and others went insane.”

In the Passover story, which is enshrined in the Haggadah, the book retelling the events of the Exodus and of the order of the Seder meal, there is a profound and millennial old passage: “Not one man alone has risen up against us to destroy us, but in every generation there have risen up against us those who sought to destroy us; but the Holy One, blessed be He, delivers us from their hands.” And so it was and still is.

As if to remind us of the generational evil that is perpetrated against Jewish men, women and children, some two years ago, a family in the Jewish Israeli village of Itamar, in biblical and ancestral Samaria, was slaughtered by Arab Muslims whose tracks led back to a nearby Palestinian settlement. The members of the Fogel family were sleeping in their tiny home on the Sabbath when two Palestinian murderers entered and knifed to death the father, mother, and three children, including a little baby girl only three months old.

This is only one recent example in a long and dismal string of savage atrocities perpetrated by local Arabs, those who today call themselves Palestinians, against Jews as the latter sought to live peaceful lives and redeem the land. And by the way, there has never in all of recorded history ever existed a sovereign, independent Arab state called Palestine.

Mary Antin spoke about unspeakable horrors inflicted on Jewish families in Russia; atrocities which had been repeated time after time throughout Europe and the Islamic world for millennia. Those relentless persecutions, pogroms and the shattering genocide perpetrated against the Jews in the Holocaust by Nazi Germany, in which a third of the world’s Jewish population was exterminated, were done when the Jews were still living in the long night of statelessness after Rome had destroyed Jewish Judea in 135 AD.

Yet today, since the modern miracle in 1948 of Israel’s rebirth and reconstitution as a sovereign, independent nation, restored again to its native, ancestral and biblical homeland, successive Israeli governments since that of Yitzhak Rabin — despite all the overwhelming and empirical evidence of implacable Arab and Muslim refusal to ever accept it as a Jewish state — plead for peace. It is offered again and again to the Arabs, those who call themselves Palestinians, and again and again rejected by them. Yet still Israeli leaders make unheard of and suicidal offers of “land for peace.”

And still the world urges Israel to make yet more concessions to these Palestinian Arabs who never, ever make any concessions to the Jewish state in return. Instead, in their state run media they indoctrinate their children from pre-school age with relentless and utterly evil hate towards Israel and the Jewish people so that yet another generation of Arabs grow up with genocide towards the Jewish state in their hearts. As the Jewish prophet said: “Peace, peace but there is no peace.”

So Israel’s repeated attempts to seek peace may seem to many observers as an aberration, an illogical and deeply naïve act in the face of so much evidence of antipathy and hatred exhibited towards the Jewish state by the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians.

After all, what nation would accept such Arab and Muslim barbarity and withstand so many Palestinian crimes against its civilian Jewish population — and still hope for peace? What nation would continue, despite the rain of thousands of missiles launched from Hamas occupied Gaza upon Israeli women and children, to hold out the hand of peace to a people who display such cruelty and crimes against humanity? What nation, after seeing the horror in the Fogel home, would still harbor hopes of a peaceful Palestinian state living side by side with Israel? What people would still entertain the insanity of dividing up the tiny land under the fatal rubric of a “two-state-solution?”

Well, only a state whose people embraced the Passover message for millennia and the biblical passage in Leviticus19;18, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself,” would remain convinced of the benefits to all, even to an Arab people who have poisoned and morally crippled themselves for over 60 years with the most abhorrent and loathsome anti-Jewish hatred. But, nevertheless, to give away one inch of the land is a profound rejection of the Covenant made between His people and Almighty God. It is also a strategy of national suicide.

As Passover approaches, there are insistent reports that the Islamists fighting to overthrow Syria’s Bashar Assad are poised to launch a war against Israel on the Golan Heights, which Israel liberated in the 1967 Six Day War and which has a rich Jewish history dating back to Biblical times. Remember the words: In every generation.

So we approach the Passover festival, which brings light and blessings to all humanity but which also brings the maniacal threats of genocide against the Jewish people by those who would unleash unutterable terror and who, like the evil president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, spew hideous ravings and shameless libels against the ever suffering Jews.

As Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post reminded Leah Zinder, Israeli broadcaster and journalist, in a recent IBA broadcast, Israel is not alone. There are millions of Americans — the vast majority — who support Israel and want to fight for her in the media and in the political realm against grievous pressure from the Obama Administration but are waiting for Israel to give them the reason to do so. Christian Zionists display immense and heartfelt love for the restored Jewish state and are a beacon of spiritual sanity in a world gone mad.

So these timely thoughts and questions must be urgently considered before, during and after the time of Passover for it surely is humanity’s moral barometer.

As the great Rabbi J.H. Hertz wrote in 1935:

“Though man cannot always even half control his destiny, God has given him the reins of his conduct altogether into his hands.”

And it would not go amiss to remind the increasingly Godless European Union of Passover’s gift to the Jewish people: The promised and undivided land.

Oh, and by the way, for centuries Jews have uttered a prayer at the conclusion of the Passover meal. In Hebrew it is L’Shanah HaBa’ah B’Yerushalayim. In English it means, “Next year may we be in Jerusalem,” the 3,000 year old eternal capital of the Jewish people.

But in the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century the world, through the hateful two-state-solution, is forcing Jerusalem to again be divided by a wall of concrete and Arab hate. Those who call themselves Palestinians demand the eastern half of the city and the ancient Jewish prayer at Passover may yet become a bitter and tragic joke.

Worshipers will be forced into saying,

“Next year in West Jerusalem.”

Victor Sharpe is a freelance writer and author of the trilogy, Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish state. His opinions are his own and not necessarily those of the Victoria Taft Blog. This article appeared first at the American Thinker blog. 


Oregon Legislature Fast Tracks Illegal Alien Tuition Bill to Prevent Vote of People

Illegals crossing border

Oregon Democrats have used a favorite trick to keep Oregon voters from weighing in on giving in state tuition to illegal aliens.

According to our friends over at the group Oregonians for Immigration Reform, written into the law is an “emergency clause” which is the favorite ploy of all lawmakers. Stating something is an “emergency” ensures the law is enacted within 90 days and precludes any citizen efforts to refer the issue to the ballot. Discussions have been under way to refer the issue to the ballot.

Section 5. of House Bill 2787 reads: 

This Act being necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health and safety, and emergency is declared to exist, and the 2013 Act takes effect July 1, 2013. 

In other words we are prevented from putting the bill in front of the voters because of the emergen

cy clause.  The last thing that Senator Peter Courtney and Representative Michael Dembrow want is a public vote on the bill.  And you thought all of the crooked politicians were in Washington DC.


There is something profoundly wrong with giving in-state tuition to people who are illegally in the country. That notion of fairness and rule of law has eluded Oregon Democrat legislators who have been working overtime to give illegal aliens advantages that even US citizens don’t have. Calling the bill “tuition equity” is an insult to the intelligence. The word “equity” connotes inequity somewhere. Just where is the inequity in giving people who aren’t in the country legally out of state tuition? If you’re a kid from Wyoming and want to go to U of O, you have to pay out of state tuition! How is it fair to that kid?

The favorite trope of these “tuition equity” proponents is that illegal aliens were brought as kids ‘through no fault of their own.” As I’ve said many a time it IS someone’s fault: their parents’. Leave the rest of us out of it.

Here’s a look at the law:

In State Tuition for Illegal Aliens



However, the effort to give in state tuition to illegal aliens continues apace. The Governor is expected to sign the bill on April 2nd. 

And as I’ve told you over the years but more recently here and here, there’s an effort to give illegal aliens drivers licenses while simultaneously advocating for using only drivers licenses for voter registration. Frances Fox Piven could only dream of this one stop shopping for  voters.  Here’s what OFIR says about those efforts:

Their next push will be an attempt to give driver licenses to illegal aliens.   In essence allowing illegal aliens to drive to jobs they can’t legally hold.  Once again elevating illegal aliens over American citizens. 

Oregon’s unemployment rate (U-6) is above 16 % and we rank third in the nation behind only Nevada and California.   Yet there are members of the Oregon Legislature who obviously do not care about unemployed American citizens. 

Find your lawmaker and tell them this is wrong. by entering your address there.

Oregon Democrat Party Tries for Political Double Play: Organizes Illegal Aliens to Get Driver’s Licenses at Same Time Sec State Calls for Using DL’s for Voter Reg

drivers licenseThis is what those in the pugilistic political circles call ‘the old one-two.’ In baseball it’s the old 6-4-3, a double play. 

As The Zero reported last week and as I explained (here) Oregon’s Secretary of State Kate Brown is backing a bill to use drivers licenses for voter registration saying the mere act of registering is a “barrier to voting.” Red lights are an impediment to my getting somewhere faster but you don’t see me lobbying to rid the roads of them. Simultaneously, the Oregon Democrat party is now reaching out to Latino voters to agitate for a change in the law to get illegal aliens drivers license. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

The other day local citizen journalist Laughing at Liberals went to a town hall which was purportedly about education. When State Senator Bruce Starr and other elected officials left, a man announced that a group of “Mexicans” were outside and wanted to talk about driver’s licenses. Watch here at about 13:00 when the Democrat Party Washington County Latino outreach director Luis Nava takes over the meeting:

See his story here. Coincidence?