Zimmerman Trial: The Hysteria Begins

July 15, 2013

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Zimmerman magazine coverOne more time: The Trayvon Martin‬ story is a tragedy but this cover does a disservice to the truth.

The prosecutors said George Zimmerman just pulled out a gun and shot Trayvon Martin but they they offered no proof and the proof that was introduced into trial showed that theory was false. The jury, correctly, didn’t buy it.

The defense used the the telephone time line to show there were four minutes that lapsed between time they parted and when Trayvon came back and the fight began.

Zimmerman defense attorney Don West said anyone who watched the trial knows they put on the case and “proved our client was innocent because the prosecution [whose job it is to put on a case], didn’t.”

I wish Zimmerman had just watched and observed and waited for the cops but what he did was not illegal. 

Zimmerman attorney Mark O’Mara said at the post verdict news conference in the last :45 seconds Trayvon Martin had more control over the situation than did George Zimmerman.

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