Zarqawi: We ALL Got Him

June 28, 2006


This was emailed to me by a friend. I like it.

We ALL got that SOB.
Some grandmother somewhere in America works in a factory soldering wires toa harness that will connect to a little square box containing a little projection camera for an F-16 Heads Up Display.
A young man or woman, a year removed from high school, pulled pins from 500lb bombs on a hot desert tarmac.
Another kid in America works in a foundry pouring hot aluminum alloys whichwill eventually find its way to the compressor stage of the F-100 engine that will power an F-16 from a runway.
Someone in America sang in a church choir on Sunday, and on Monday washolding a rivet gun, helping build another warplane, which will help keep us free.
Some group of brave men in the darkness, shined a little laser beam againsta building.Some geeky American, known for his/her math skills wrote a little programthat turns numbers into coordinates.
Some young American decided to become a pilot after watching theThunderbirds or Blue Angels put on a show.
Some American you or I will never meet, had an idea, which became GPS.Some kid who last year was dancing at a Prom pulled the chocks.
Some kid wiped the canopy that a year ago was wiping car windshields inhis summer job at the local car wash back home.
Someone working in a rubber factory had no idea that his or her work productwas tucking itself into its bay as the pilot brought up the gear 20 ft off the deck.
Some little American girl who years ago was all about MTV and CDs gave avector, cleared hot.
Some pilots did their job.
SHACK, baby.
AMERICA got that son of a bitch.
Every damn one of us.

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