Your High School 16 Year Old is Oregon Democrats’ Latest Political Pawn

bus project pps 1 It’s not bad enough that the Oregon Bus Project has been laughably installed in the Portland Public Schools as part of the “Politicorps” to teach students about politics–really, I’m not kidding (“BFF’s for Democrats, I mean Democracy”). It’s not bad enough that our students are being used to do door knocking on behalf of far left candidates and given school credit via the Bus Project, but now far left lawmaker and self described community organizer, Ben Unger is trying to make it easier for his ilk to convince your child to register to vote as a Democrat. How? By allowing your school’s teachers to register your child to vote.

ben ungerBus Project Your Election is ShowingHouse Bill 2988  received a public hearing this week in the state Senate after being passed out of the House. It’s one of those aspirational programs that come right out of the far left playbook. 

Unger hasn’t made a particularly compelling case for why 16 year olds should register to vote when they can’t vote till 18, but the Democrats LOVE the idea. He got the law changed to 17 in the last couple of years. And you know why. Why not get your compliant student to fill out a voter registration form for the Democrat Party when they’re in thrall of their favorite social studies teacher who’s the socialist Occupy member and unionist? Why not hand out those registration forms right after the MoveOn.commies come to the classroom or the Bus Project paid ‘volunteers” tell your child how wonderful the teachers union and redistribution are? I’ll be they’ll go all Bus Project and give kids voter reg card oregonextra credit for filling out a voter registration form. In class. Under the nose of the teacher. Who belongs to the union. Who gives her dues money to the union. Who gives the money to the Democrats.

Have I missed anything?

Oh, yes, the motor voter folks get their fix. This bill would allow the DMV to give out the Voter Registration form to all 16 year olds getting their licenses. Well, they’ll be handing out the reg forms to illegal aliens again soon enough, so what the heck!

They’ll probably dress it up a little like the Reynolds High School teacher who’s the far left Occupy member and teachers’ unionist who moonlights as–a RAPPER! 

And here’s a good one: Unger’s got Bob Jensen to go along with this idea. Oh, Bob. Jensen is one of two Republicans that the Bus Project stumped for in the last couple of years. They’re the “bipartisan” veneer the Portland Public Schools laughably pointed to in giving the Bus Project the Politicorps gig. We know better. Jensen was given the help from the Bus Project for being a key vote to refer the huge new income and gross receipts taxes, Measures 66 and 67, to Oregon voters. It was a quid pro quo. Looks like they got another favor out of him. He must need  “volunteers” from the Bus Project to help him again in his next campaign.