September 13, 2021

Episode 34

Biden accidentally tells the truth and Gavin Newsom is counting on his Hollywood industry friends for a recall rescue...

Joe Biden isn’t hiding his motives anymore: “This is not about freedom or personal choice,” he said while announcing his unconstitutional, unenforceable plan to force employers to vaccinate their staff or face heavy fines from the Department of Labor. But could that cause more problems than it potentially solves?

Plus, it’s judgment day for Gavin Newsom, as opposition frontrunner Larry Elder, an African-American, is attacked by a white person in a gorilla mask and somehow that isn’t racist, because reasons.

Joe Biden’s 9/11 Legacy: Treating Terrorists Better Than the American People
Man Gunned Down by Antifa Assassin During ‘Summer of Love’ Sues Portland for Millions
Here We Go: Irregularities Reported in Newsom Recall Election
‘Put a Stake in the Heart of Evil’: #MeToo Actress Backing Larry Elder in California Recall

Victoria Taft @ PJ Media