October 25, 2005


Have you ever noticed that citizen initiatives are only overturned when they fall on the ‘right’ side of the aisle? Think about it: Victim’s rights, reigning in PERS costs, politics and union dues, and others. The body politic said, hey, we may not agree but let us kill ourselves through suicide by doctor. The state laid off. No effort was made to over turn that or the Legally Stoned bill (medical marijuana), either. Now the Feds have a different take on it, but I’m talking state only.
There always seems to be some fatal flaw found by some judge and, wouldn’t you know it, others jump on finding strength in the opposition and pretty soon the MSM picks up the thread and becomes the natural order of things.
This brings me to today. Some Marion County folks have had it up to HERE
with the anti Measure 37 judge, Mary James. A website has been established, a recall is being kicked off officially this week and Marion County can become a part of it. Here’s where you can make your voice heard.

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