Why did…

March 1, 2006


People who signed the petitions calling for the repeal of Erik Sten’s and Gary Blackmer’s so called “Clean Campaigns Initiative” sign the petitions 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 times? Were they, uh, encouraged, to spoil the petitions knowing if they did that HUNDREDS of signatures would be thrown out of the tally to get this on the ballot? In fact it’s because of the multiple signers that the repeal initiative failed to make the ballot. Coincidence?

See, this clean campaigns initiative was an attempt to circumvent the will of the voters by using the force of their Portland City Council offices to vote themselves payment for theirs and others’ campaigns and throwing the voters a bone to vote on it later–you know, after a couple of election cycles.

The multiple signers’ names have been turned over to Secretary of State Bill Bradbury’s office where, I’m sure, he’ll give it his undivided attention. See photo above.

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