Whose Anthem is it Anyway? Hear it Here.

April 28, 2006


The President of the United States say he thinks the National Anthem of America should be sung in English. Hear the Nuestro Himno here.

“I think the national anthem ought to be sung in English, and I think people who want to be a citizen of this country ought to learn English and they ought to learn to sing the national anthem in English.”

The National Council of La Raza, a Latino advocacy group, agrees with Bush.

“National anthems are sacred, and the United States’ national anthem should be sung in English and not altered in any way,” Lisa Navarrete, a La Raza vice president, said in an interview this afternoon.

The president and La Raza part company, however, on the boycott scheduled for Monday. The president is opposed to it and La Raza is helping to organize it and supports the take over of part of the United States by Latinos otherwise known as the Nation of Aztlan. See my previous post and watch the produced video on Aztlan here (a real eye opener).
Meantime, Lisa Navarrete’s group is urging her folks to arm themselves because they can’t trust the white police. Uh, boy…

URGENT ALERT: From The Revolutionary Council and
Provisional Government of Aztlan

April 26, 2006

Estimada Raza de Aztlan and Beyond,

Our Director of Special Intelligence Services has brought
to our attention disturbing information that threatens the
safety of our families. This information requires that we
prepare a defense strategy to protect our communities.

Due to the recent large demonstrations of our people in
major cities in occupied Anahuac, extremist European
invaders are preparing violent actions against us.
They are expected to use physical violence in the upcoming
marches and rallies planned for May 1, 2006 and we must
take steps to protect our families.

The Director of Special Intelligence Services has reliable
information that anti-Mexican forces in Aztlan and in
certain other area of Anahuac, are preparing to utilize
explosives and snipers to kill our people. We urge our
community to arm themselves to protect our families. We
are also urging our soldiers presently serving In Iraq,
Afghanistan and other foreign lands to do everything
possible to return home and fight for your own. The
situation here is critical.

In addition, all political prisoners shall be in constant
alert and ready for action. Also, youth groups [read: street gangs ]in our
barrios shall call truces and direct their energies against
the racist enemy that has vowed to annihilate our families.

Our Prime Minister is instructing every able bodied male to
arm himself to protect the women and children in his home.
We can not depend on local White law enforcement
authorities because in many cases they will join the
criminal elements and participate in the slaughter of our
people. Make sure you have weapons and plenty of
ammunition in your homes at the ready.

Criminal racist elements have already made death threats
against certain “occupation administrators” and they will
not stop at killing our civilians. We hope that the
massacres of Mexicans that the White criminals have vowed
to undertake are just the rantings of cowardly insane minds
but we must take these threats seriously.

Minister of Information
Nation of Aztlan
La Voz de Aztlan

Read more here in Michelle Malkin’s blog.

Hear the whole thing song here.

English translation of Nuestro Himno

By the light of the dawn, do you see arising,

what we proudly hailed at twilight’s last fall?

Its stars, its stripes

yesterday streamed

above fierce combat

a gleaming emblem of victory

and the struggle toward liberty.

Throughout the night, they proclaimed:

“We will defend it!”

Tell me! Does its starry beauty still wave

above the land of the free,

the sacred flag?

Its stars, its stripes,

liberty, we are the same.

We are brothers in our anthem.

In fierce combat, a gleaming emblem of victory

and the struggle toward liberty.

My people fight on.

The time has come to break the chains.

Throughout the night they proclaimed, “We will defend it!”

Tell me! Does its starry beauty still wave

above the land of the free,

the sacred flag?

Chanting portion:

It’s time to make a difference the kids, men and the women/Let’s stand for our beliefs, let’s stand for our vision/What about the children los ninos como P-Star

These kids have no parents, cause all of these mean laws.

See this can’t happen, not only about the Latins.

Asians, blacks and whites and all they do is adding

more and more, let’s not start a war

with all these hard workers,

they can’t help where they were born.

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