Where’s the Apology to Oregon’s Right for BEING Right—Again?

December 10, 2005


Where’s the apology to the leaders on the right and parents for wasting billions of dollars and more than a decade and a half experimenting on our kids with CIM/CAM?
Today Susan Castillo, the Superintendent of Oregon Schools, called it what it is, a failure. Oh, of course, she couldn’t be that impolitic, but she did call for its demise.
The state’s expert on CIM/CAM, Rob Kremer, has a total explainer on this educational farce.

Do you think Susan Castillo, the educational establishment in Oregon, and the democratic party, owe the likes of: Don Mc Intire…Cascade Policy Institute, Bill Sizemore…BrainstormNW Magazine…Rob Kremer…and the dozens of conservatives a hearty “We’re sorry. You were right and we were wrong.”

I do. I’m sick of the institutions in this state demonizing these people. Those institutions include the Oregonian…Statesman Journal…and lazy reporters…and the apparatchiks in the education racket who have a vested interest in seeing their creation be perceived as succeeding—even though it sucks. They’ve only recently been paying these people any respect…

The people who deserve an apology are…the folks who have told you…

A) PERS were draining funds from the state budget and killing school budgets…and therefore slowly killing it,
B) That the police and fire pension fund in Portland was a huge unfunded mandate and budget buster
C) CIM CAM was a joke
D) The Business income tax was going to drive business away in Portland and Multnomah county
E) Light rail is a 100 million dollar a mile boondoggle used by fewer than 1% of the commuters!!!!! Buses are flexible and more efficient.
F) The tram is a carnival ride for doctors who may not even come and yet has destroyed homeowners views and quiet in their neighborhood.

G) Bio-tech doesn’t even have Oregon on the map so why are we spending hundreds of millions of dollars in state, federal, and local funds to build OHSU’S extension…just so they get some extra parking and waterfront property???

H) Urban renewal districts and CIM CAM are the majority of the reasons why we don’t have enough money for schools.

I) There’s money for the wapato jail…they just don’t want to spend it on jails—we’ll see if Diane Linn will walk the talk when she’s not up for reelection anymore.

J) They seek out illegal aliens to give services to that even some citizens can’t get. It’s wrong, potentially hazardous to our national security, and we can’t afford it.

K) There’s voter fraud in Oregon—and you need look no further than the mail in ballot and why it is illegal aliens, double voters, people with phony addresses are able to vote.

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