WHERE TED? Part Deux. Kulongoski’s "Fans" Upset About Governor Saxton’s Immigration Ad

October 4, 2006


The party that has brought you scary stories about Diebold voting machines, fraud-welcoming mail in ballots, and vote by phone now want you to believe there is NO problem with Oregon’s voting system. Hey, the democrats are in charge, what could go wrong?
Governor Saxton’s ad about ILLEGAL immigration (find it here)
has hit a nerve. The libs are furious that the future former Guv has not responded to the ad. But what can he say? Oregon has no problem with ILLEGAL aliens? That it doesn’t provide services to ILLEGAL aliens? That it doesn’t give driver’s licenses to ILLEGAL aliens? That when they get their ODL’s they also get a voter registration card? That the state doesn’t check to see if the voter rolls are rife with ILLEGALLY REGISTERED voters?
Secry of State Darth Bradbury’s complains that Governor Saxton’s ad is “false” because he doesn’t get a lot of complaints about illegal voters. Sure, Darth, sure. Notwithstanding Ruth Bendel’s complaint about the dozens of illegals ‘living’ in a vacant house in Hillsboro in 2004, I’m sure you don’t get a lot of ILLEGAL aliens informing on themselves. If you don’t check the voter rolls and/or get complaints, I guess you can sit back in your padded government chair, guffaw, and complain that you have no proof ILLEGALS vote.
However, as Ted from NW Republican rightly points out, Bradbury DOES know illegal voters vote. As Bradbury reitterated over the weekend (and Victoria Taft blog has documented here the many times he has said it in speeches in the past), he acknowledges that programs designed to make sure only citizens vote
will reduce participation in elections.
Here’s the latest on the race from the national perspective. This is well worth a look.

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