What Happened To The Death Threats, Congressman Baird?

October 24, 2009


Back in August, we were told of serious death threats made against Washington Representative, Brian Baird. The Columbian ran several articles on the threats and the insensitivity of Republicans in criticizing the Ryder Truck comment made at a Rotary Club luncheon, that even the Columbian writer appeared to have missed.

A controversy arose as to whether any actual reports to the Capitol Police were made with the Columbian publishing that there was indeed an “ongoing investigation.”

By September we were again told that several calls to the Police had resulted in not updates yet.

Nearly 2 months later, what is the status of the invetigation?

From phone calls I made to Brian Baird’s Washington D.C. and Vancouver offices and an inquiry submitted to the Columbian’s managing editor Lou Brancaccio, no one seems to know.

No updates, no resolution, no arrests and apparently no suspects.

It would appear the matter might have just been dropped.

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Is there really an investigation? Or, were we played for suckers again?

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