WH: MoH Recipient Should Have Flagpole

December 8, 2009


Giving credit where credit is due, Robert Gibbs, propaganda spokesperson for the Obama administration said Monday that it is “silly to think that a 90-year-old Medal of Honor recipient is being asked to remove a flagpole from his front yard.”

“Retired Army Col. Van T. Barfoot, a World War II veteran, is fighting to keep the 21-foot pole at his suburban Richmond, Va., home. His homeowners association said the pole violates the neighborhood’s aesthetic guidelines.”

Gibbs said he hasn’t spoken to Obama on the matter, but I cannot imagine Obama publicly saying anything different, although I doubt he will weigh in on it. Virginia Democrats Sens. Mark R. Warner and Jim Webb has also expressed support for Col. Barfoot.


Virginia Republican Eric Cantor introduced a resolution, H. Res. 952, allowing Congressional Medal of Honor recipients to properly display the United States flag on their property at all times.

Our country has gotten to a sad state when a 90 year-old Medal of Honor recipient, the highest award we have for valor, is prevented from or threatened for flying the flag of the nation he fought for long ago.

UPDATE: Virginia Veteran Wins Battle to Keep His Flagpole in Yard

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