"We’re Less Safe" says Jamie Gorelick, Honorary Member of the United Brotherhood of Bricklayers

December 5, 2005


Jamie Gorelick says it could happen again. Isn’t her ‘wall’ –dividing spooks and prosecutors–partially responsible for 9/11 too?

While her concern about spending money for high risk areas has already been addressed by the Dept of Homeland Security, here’s what the woman, who wrote the law for Janet Reno that stymied discussion between intelligence gatherers and prosecutors, also laughably said,

“For example, first responders still can’t talk to each other across radio spectrums,” Gorelick said.

Large serving of Irony, anyone?

Here’s what Wikipedia says about Gorelick’s ‘wall:’

During her tenure at the Justice Department, which controls the FBI, she opposed FBI initiatives to work more closely with other US agencies to investigate and prevent terrorism, according to Pickard.

…government reports cited in the wake of the Able Danger scandal appear to contradict such claims, asserting that the ‘wall’ has been in existence since the 80’s and is in fact not one singular wall but a series of restrictions passed over the course of sixty years. Others acknowledge that Gorelick did invent the wall.

A Gorelick 1995 memorandum states that the procedures her memorandum put in place “go beyond what is legally required…[to] prevent any risk of creating an unwarranted appearance that FISA is being used to avoid procedural safeguards which would apply in a criminal investigation.” (Emphasis added.) As this rather straightforward English sentence illuminates, the wall exceeded the requirements of FISA and then-existing federal case law.

That was Jamie Gorelick’s wall.

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