Weez ‘Jus Sittin’ on the Po-atch He-ya Runnin’ the Plan-tay-shawn, y’all, Mizzzzz Hillary

January 18, 2006


“For the last five years, we’ve had no. Power. At All. And that makes a big difference, because when you look at the way the House of Representatives has been run, it has been run like a plantation. And you know what I’m talkin’ about. It has been run in a way so that nobody with a contrary point of view has had a chance to present legislation, to make an argument, to be heard. The Senate’s not that bad. But it’s been difficult. It’s been difficult.”
Hillary Clinton, MLK Day
Blogger shout out to Malkin.

Question: How do rich white people get away with speaking metaphorically about “plantations?” Isn’t that against the Chocolate City Accords or something?

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