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October 12, 2005


*Don’t forget the Rally for the Minutemen at the steps of the Oregon State Capitol Building in Salem Saturday, October 15 at 1pm. I’ll be there!! Will you? Oregonians for Immigration Reform is sponsoring it.

The Fraternal Order of the Eagles is a service organization, a club if you will. While the little women can’t be members they come and go as they please. The Eagles, a private organization, has now been ordered in the state of Oregon to admit women, under the public accommodations law. Officially this is apparently how the free speech/first amendment stuff works out in Oregon:
1) live sex shows are now protected OPINION speech
2) panhandling is protected opinion speech
3) fraternizing, associating with people of your choice in your PRIVATE club has no protection.

More incredible info from the Washington State Governor’s election. Oh, I know, you say ‘Victoria that’s just SO last year’ but illegal ballots were counted and they could have made the difference for Dino Rossi. Be here at 7:35 as Stefan Sharkansky sorts it all out. Plus read his piece in The Stranger.

Now we learn that in the state of Washington that political lying is A-OK. The case stems from a state Senate race in 2002 in which a Green Party candidate deliberately lied about her opponent and this court ruling says her lies are protected under the first amendment: you know, political speech and all. My friends, this is what legislating from the bench gets you: confusion.

Tune in tonight to the Victoria Taft Show, broadcasting LIVE from the People’s Republic of Portland, where no tax is too high, no business too small to pay ’em, and where they want more money for schools because they’re “broke” but are building a NEW school which could have been had a privately run Charter school but didn’t want the competition!

*Rides to Rally this Sat.; PARKING INFO A driver from Gresham is offering to take 3 passengers to the Rally this Saturday. He will be driving down via 205. If you live along that corridor and need a ride, send a note to If there are other drivers willing to take passengers, or persons needing a ride, please also contact OFIR at ———————————————————————————————————— PARKING INFORMATION The meters on the streets surrounding the block where the Capitol Building is located, will not be monitored on Saturday, so parking is free around this block. The underground parking structure for visiting government offices is closed on Saturdays. All of the walking-distance parking east of 12th Street is free with no time restrictions on Saturday, according to a resident of that area. The Capitol is at 900 Court St. Surrounding streets are Court and State Streets, Winter St. and Capital St. The Capitol is just east of the downtown business section. Willamette University campus adjoins on the south side of the Capitol.

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