Washington State Upholds Traditional Marriage

July 26, 2006


You’re surprised, aren’t you?
Here are germane facts, compliments of The Alliance Defense Fund, a pro family, pro traditional marriage group:

BREAKING NEWS — The Washington State Supreme Court upholds as lawful that state’s defense of marriage act prohibiting same-sex marriage: The lead opinion

states: “The two cases before us require us to decide whether the legislature has the power to limit marriage in Washington State to opposite-sex couples. The state constitution and controlling case law compel us to answer ‘yes,’ and we therefore reverse the trial courts.”

The six separate opinions issued in the case can be accessed via this link. Washington State’s Supreme Court has a total of nine justices. Three justices joined in the lead opinion. The Chief Justice, who joined in that lead opinion, also issued a concurring opinion. Two other justices joined in an opinion concurring in the judgment only, thereby giving rise to a total of five votes to uphold the challenged law.

The Associated Press has issued a news alert stating that “The state Supreme Court has upheld Washington’s ban on gay marriage.”
Posted at 11:04 AM by Howard Bashman

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