*Video* School bullies tell Jewish kids to “get in the ovens”

July 29, 2014


Jewish students find out in Chicago that Jew bashing is popular –and tolerated–again.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 8.21.35 AM H/T Kyle Olsen at EAG News A Chicago school is in turmoil, the principal has been reassigned and two Jewish students are afraid after a spate of anti Jewish bashing.

The challenges surrounded allegations from Ogden parent Lisa Wolf Clemente that her 14-year-old and 8-year-old sons were bullied at both campuses by classmates for their Jewish heritage.

The Gold Coast resident said her teen son was shown photos of ovens and told to get in during lunch periods, intended as a reference to the Holocaust.

At the Streeterville campus, Wolf Clemente said her 8-year-old was invited to join a team called “Jew Incinerator” on the popular game app Clash of Clans. The team was allegedly created by Ogden eighth-graders.

In a screenshot provided by parents, the team description reads: “We are a friendly group of racists with one goal — put all Jews into an army camp until disposed of. Sieg! Heil!”

The mother of the two kids, Lisa Clemente, said her 14-year-old son was bullied during lunch and Spanish class by students who showed him pictures of ovens and told him to get in. This incident happened right after a trip to the Holocaust Museum (story here). 

“Call it its name. They were racist, they were being anti-Semitic to my son,” said Lisa Wolf Clemente outside Ogden Thursday afternoon, hours after eighth-graders went on a field trip to the Holocaust museum in Skokie.

Afterward, “not one person addressed the correlation between the Holocaust museum and my son,” she said, adding that they missed the chance for a teachable moment.

Clemente says she was asked to turn the other cheek when the bullying first started, but by the time her eight year old was asked to join a gaming team named the “Jew Incinerators” her patience had worn thin. She asked the principal to act and when he didn’t get tough enough, mounted an online effort to get him fired. He was transferred instead.

  So far there’s no word on whether there will be hate crime charges brought against the youths.  I don’t like hate crimes legislation, but it’s fun to see the people who are usually so ‘offended’ by real or imagined ‘hate crimes’ suddenly employ pretzel logic to ignore hate when it’s right in front of their faces–but happening to a less sympathetic group of people.