Imagine terrorists in Portland targeting residents in Vancouver day after day with deadly missiles. Often one hundred a day for the last three weeks and over 12,000 in the last five years. That has been what the villagers and townsfolk in southern Israel have had to endure, though such news is hardly ever reported in the mainstream liberal press here in the States or in most other countries. Only when Israel can endure the deaths and destruction no longer and retaliates does it become headline news.
This is what is now happening. The civilians of southern Israel are under constant rocket attack from the Gaza Strip.
The current major Palestinian aggression began on Saturday night (Nov.10) when an anti-tank missile was fired at an army jeep traveling on the Israeli side of the border fence. Four IDF soldiers were injured. Since then, over 120 rockets have been fired at Israeli civilians.
The lives of one million Israeli civilians are being threatened and daily life in southern Israel has been totally disrupted.

The residents of villages near the Gaza border suffer constantly from rocket and mortar shell attacks. They have a mere 15 seconds warning of incoming fire. These attacks occur almost on a routine basis, as do escalations of other types of terrorist activities carried out by Hamas and the other terrorist organizations that operate under Hamas’ protection.

The pauses between the waves of rocket attacks are shortening. In the past month, Israel has been subjected to three separate periods of escalation. Since the beginning of the year, more than 800 rockets and mortar shells have been fired at Israel, a record amount since the end of Operation Cast Lead (January 2009). This peak is similar to the attacks that occurred in 2007-8. One can list the situation as follows:

· The goal of Israel’s operation is aimed at removing a strategic threat to Israeli citizens. Israel has demonstrated great restrain for a long period but cannot stand the recurring attacks on its citizens. No other state would accept a similar reality.

· Israel is acting in self-defense and out of its duty to protect its civilians from terrorist attacks.

· Hamas rules the Gaza Strip and is responsible for all that occurs in Gaza and all that is launched from there.

· It must be noted that Israel disengaged completely from the Gaza Strip in 2005 as a token of peace. The result of Israel’s disengagement is that Gaza has become a giant ammunition dump. In addition, it provides a breeding ground for terrorist groups to organize and to operate, including groups associated with al-Qaeda and Global Jihad. All this under the rule, responsibility and sponsorship of Hamas.

· Weapons smuggled from Libya, Iran and Sudan accelerated the process of Gaza turning into a terror base. These weapons also increased the danger posed to the Israeli population.

· Hamas and the other terrorist organizations hide among the civilian population of Gaza. They deliberately direct their fire at the civilian population of Israel. These acts constitute a double war crime.

· The targets of the Israeli operation are all military and Israel makes every effort to prevent harm to the civilian population of Gaza.

· The border crossings from Israel to the Gaza Strip remain open, allowing for the routine passage of goods and humanitarian aid. Even as Palestinian missiles bombard the Jewish state, Israel keeps providing Gaza with power, electricity, gas, food supplies.

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