Celebu-Spy Valerie Plame Blames Possible Syria Bombing on “Neo-Cons”

August 28, 2013


Ex-CIA analyst turned celebu-spy, Valerie Plame seems to claim in the featured Tweet below that the Obama Administration’s proposed bombing of Syria is the work of “Neo-Cons.”

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You remember “Neo-Cons”. The term, intended to be a pejorative one, refers to (mostly Jewish)

Valerie Plame blames Syrian bombing on "Neo Cons"
Valerie Plame blames Syrian bombing on “Neo Cons”

Americans concerned with national security? I thought it had died with the Bush Administration, but I was wrong. 

Ms. Plame, who sent her husband to Niger to chase down (and debunk) claims of yellow cake uranium reportedly going to Iraq, became a household name when some horrible, eeeevilllll “Bushie” outed her as a “spy”.

Plame was a CIA desk jockey stateside and, as Andrea Mitchell of NBC News said at the time, everyone knew what she did and where she worked. Everyone, as Timothy Noah of Slate reported at the time. 

Celebu-Spy Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson
Celebu-Spy Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson

But that was no fun, so the lefties decided to blame somebody in Vice President Dick Cheney’s office with outing her identity. Darth Cheney and White House evil genius Karl Rove would be “frog marched” to meet their legal fates! 

Cheney’s right hand man, Scooter Libby was found to have lied to federal investigators during the investigation somewhere along the line. Remember when you got in trouble for not telling Federal officials the truth?  Could somebody please “Google” Lois Lerner? 

Funnily enough, it wasn’t Libby who “outed” the already “outed” Plame. 


It was Clintonista State Department maven Richard Armitage.  He’d been held over by the Bush Administration. You know, the “Neo-Cons.”