US to Pay for Defense of Alleged Saudi Bagman

Pete Seda, the man who oversaw the building of the Al Haramain “charity” which the feds allege used Saudi money to funnel money to Islamofascist chechen terrorists, has secured an Oregon federal public defender to mount his defense.
If you’re working for the Saudis and have been on the lam for years, isn’t it a reasonable assumption that SOMEONE has been paying for all of his trips to far flung places around the islamic world? Food? Visas? Clothing? Someone like maybe the Saudis?
Why do taxpayers now need to fund this guy’s defense?
Apparently Larry Matasar’s (Kip Kinkel, Derrick Foxworth among other notable Matasar defendants) name was simply the next one to come up in the lottery of public defenders for the Al Haramain gig. Wow. That’s like hitting powerball. What are the chances???
The Portland office of the federal public defender’s office has made a cottage industry out of defending alleged terrorists. It’s head, Steven Wax, was the attorney for the wrongly accused Brandon Mayfield. The Portland office also has mounted the defense of seven Guantanamo Bay detainees–the most defendants of any federal public defender’s office in the entire country. Gosh you’d think there would be bigger offices somewhere else in the country to mount these costly and time consuming cases, but Portland’s office wanted to beset taxpayers with the costs of the Gitmo detainees so took the most defendants.
Calls to get comments from the federal public defenders office and the Oregon bar association went unanswered.

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