I’d love to say something noble about free speech and the usual blah, blah about what people do on their own time is their own bidness, but, seriously, a middle school teacher who’s an anarchist? He’s stepped from the realm of propriety and protected speech into the realm of anarchy.
Look at this:

Attempting to sabotage the Tea Parties on April 15th is beneath the dignity and stature of a school teacher. Is Agent Provocateur part of the gig? It’s potentially illegal and it’s unbecoming an educator. Engaging in anarchist behavior is probably against rules of conduct for teachers (and if it’s not it should be). They’re planning to hold up racist signs etc. I thought the educrats had a hatred toward “hate” speech and thought crimes. Does he get a pass because he’s trying to make US look bad?

The other thing to bear in mind is what a tool this guy is. This guy is a teacher and he hasn’t bothered to do the least investigation into who the Tea Party folks are and what they stand for. He’s automatically dismissed the movement without bothering to do as much as he’d require a student to do for a paper. This is an EDUCATOR? Think about it, this teacher is so INTELLECTUALLY VAPID that he hasn’t bothered to do the least bit of fact checking. He’s a media specialist so you’d think he’d bother to do a little rudimentary fact checking (besides Daily Kos, genius).
And what exactly is he against? Taxation without representation? Socialism? Getting the US into debt that we can’t hope to repay? Does this mean he’s in favor of this stuff? The education system is worse than we thought, then. 

The Freepers outed the teacher today. Here’s their thread. And here’s the highlight of the thread:

The current registry for the website lists:
Ben Franklin
3 chestnut lane
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19115
United States

Luckily, freeper HOYA97 was able to grab the true registry info before it was changed to cover Mr. Levin’s tracks.
Registrant ID:CR45137659

Registrant Name:Jason Levin

Registrant Street1:xxxx SW Bi*** Street

Registrant City:Portland

Registrant State/Province:Oregon

Registrant Postal Code:97223

Registrant Country:US

Registrant Phone:+1.503936xxxx

So now we learn the website’s true owner is Jason Levin of Portland, OR. His attempt to hide his info by using “Ben Franklin” and “Philadelphia” came from his Myspace page (found by freeper correctthought) as Franklin is listed as his hero and Philly was listed as his hometown. His Myspace page uses the screen name “xenex11” which also was listed on the original registry info.
Freeper csd found Mr. Levin’s twitter account and his linkein account.(xenex11 used once again) From linkein we learn:

 The Freepers also found some interesting My Space info:

Most definitely look for his brother and friends at Tea Parties and ask them to leave. We don’t need intolerant teaphobes at the Tea Parties. Here’s an update on what some are suggesting be done with the party crashers:

So let’s work together to beat them at their own game. If you see anyone with an offensive sign, take a picture of it and forward it to us at Pajamas Media. Mail it to our tips address (story@pajamasmedia.com) and we’ll publish it, along with an explicit statement that this doesn’t reflect the real tea party spirit. Try to get the person’s face, so they can be properly shamed.
Of course, if they’re leftists flying under a false racist flag, they will also have their faces and signs published. They’ll also be derided, just as if they’re real racists. If their friends happen to see them, along with their sign, any conclusions they draw will be their own.

And after the Freepers outed him this is what he posted on his website:

Well, we are certainly in the spotlight! Some of my cohorts don’t agree with me that this is for the best but what’s done is done.
After all the right wing zealots bombed the board, I was contacted directly by so many of you who wanted to join our little group that at first we weren’t sure what to do!
But We have since devised this system:
Agents will be able to report in the VIP room (password protected)
and coded messages will be sent out via this blog.
White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts, and March Hare will also contact many of you directly via email or facebook.
Good Luck and Good Crashing!
~ Hatter

What should Beaverton’s schools chief do with this guy?

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Current FEC commissioner helped conceal GOP role in 2004 vote suppression | Raw Story http://bit.ly/cSQU0w 2:56 PM Mar 31st via TweetMeme

Here’s his rating from Conestoga Middle school where he’s the AV, er, Media Specialist:

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