UPDATED **Rush Limbaugh Ends Investigation AND Pleads Not Guilty to Doctor Shopping

April 28, 2006


Here are Mark Levin and Andrew Mc Carthy on Rush here.
And here’s the Money Quote:

We are former federal government attorneys. We’ve collectively spent decades in law enforcement and believe passionately in its professional, non-political, non-partisan mission. Thus, it’s with outrage that we note that, rather than quietly dropping this embarrassment of an investigation, the state attorney, Barry Krischer—a politically active liberal Democrat—has insisted on filing a charge which he well knows will never be tried. Insisting, that is, on further media churning of an allegation of doctor-shopping that he’ll never prove.

Law enforcement officials say Rush Limbaugh was arrested today on prescription drug charges.

According to a spokeswoman for the State Attorney’s office, Limbaugh turned himself in to authorities on a warrant issued by the State Attorney’s Office.

The spokeswoman says the conservative radio commentator came into the jail at about 4 p-m with his attorney Roy Black and bonded out an hour later on a 3,000 dollar bail.

Get the rest of the story here.
Here’s what Limbaugh’s attorney, Roy Black, says about the case:
“I am pleased to announce that the State Attorney’s Office and Mr. Limbaugh ahve reached an agreement whereby a single count charge of doctor shopping filed today by the sState Attorney will be dismissed in 18 months. As a primary condition of the dismissal, Mr. Limbaugh must continue to seek treatment from the doctor has seen for the past two and one half years. this is the same doctor under whose care Mr. Limbaugh has remained free of his addiction without relapse.
“Mr. Limbaugh and I have maintained from the start that that there was no doctor shopping, and we continue to hold this position. Accordingly, we filed today with the Court a please of ‘Not Guilty‘ to the charge filed by the state. As part of this agreement, Mr. Limbaugh also has agreed to make a $30,000 payment to the State of Florida to defray the public cost of the investigation. ‘

And the fall out of the case? Less security for our medical records?
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