UPDATE: Supporting the Troops, This Columnist says Why Bother?

January 25, 2006


Joel Stein of the LA Times wrote an article here on his decision NOT to support the troops. Talk show host, attorney, former Reagan era justice department lawyer, Hugh Hewitt interviewed ol’ Joel. Read some of it below. Read the rest here.
Read his explanation, uh, here.

JS: Well, I think I said it clear in the column, too. I don’t have a…if you are for the war in Iraq, I think obviously, then you should support the troops. My problem is the people who are against the war and support the troops anyway, I think that’s kind of an excuse. I think that’s a way of making you feel better about your guilt, and I think that’s kind of a lazy form of pacifism.

HH: Did you support the troops when they delivered, say, tsunami relief off of aircraft carriers and via supply ships?

JS: Yeah, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to imply in the column that I don’t think we should have a military.

HH: I’m just wondering where you draw the line. So that mission is okay in your view?

JS: Yeah, I’m just simply saying that as a person whose against the Iraq war, I think all these I support the troop statements, I support the troops magnets, are a little hy


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