Unions rain money on Kitzhaber in Oregon governor’s race

September 5, 2014


The Oregon governor receives $200,000.00 in late campaign donations–including some from his employees.

The Oregonian provides the numbers and I’ve put it in an easy to digest pie chart. 

                                                                                         LOOK FOR THE UNION LABEL




From the Zero:

The Service Employees International Union Local 503, Oregon Public Employees Union, gave $75,000, while SEIU Local 49‘s political action committee donated $20,000. TheOregon American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 75 gave $50,000 toward Kitzhaber’s race against Republican Rep. Dennis Richardson of Central Point.

It’s worth noting that at least two of these donations are overtly from out of town. It’s possible the unions could be receiving outside money, laundering it, and giving it to local campaigns. Happens all the time and it’s legal–unless you’re Tom DeLay. No wonder unions want to get rid of Citizens United. They don’t want the competition.