Union Ugly in Wisconsin


Keeping updated news on the Wisconsin recall is like drinking from a water hose but here are the latest hail mary’s from the left to discredit Governor Scott Walker.

First, tomorrow’s recall election will be a close one. The Real Clear Politics Average of polls has Walker up by 6.4%, but it’s go-time now and we’ll just have to see how far the left will go to depose him. The real poll is tomorrow.

The American Federation of Teachers,  which as I pointed out in recently has seen its members jumping ship now that the state doesn’t automatically deduct dues for them, is putting in another $500K for GOTV and last minute Walker bashing.

Second, the left is ginning up made up stories about Walker or taking some disgruntled union member or sympathizer, adding kerosene, and urging the media to talk about it. “It” is, A) Scott Walker is going to be indicted for some unknown nefarious activity known only by persons unknown to the public, B) Scott Walker has a love child somewhere.

Third, the unionistas have been sending out creepy mailers to voters with their names and addresses of those of their neighbors to shame non voters into voting. It’s despicable.

Hold on. The worst is yet to come.

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