True Tales from Gringo de Mayo

May 2, 2006


Gullyborg’s having blogger problems so I’m posting his TRUE LIFE story from yesterday’s “Gringo de Mayo”

Yesterday I was traveling through Salem. While driving
on Lancaster, I started feeling a bit peckish, so I looked for a fast food
joint. I saw a Jack in the Box, and pulled in and parked. But when
I got to the door, I noticed it was empty with the lights off. The door
was locked, and there was a sign up that said something to the effect of “we’re
sorry, but due to staffing shortages caused by the immigration rally, our dining
area is closed–but you can still use our drive-through window.”

I don’t know if this Jack in the Box was allowing employees to go, or if they had
a “crisis” from people not showing up unexpectedly, or what. But I wasn’t
about to use a drive-through. I never use a drive-through. I saw
“Lethal Weapon 2” about a dozen times, after all. I also wasn’t going to
do business with a restaurant that allowed itself to be shut down in support of
criminal illegal aliens.

Well, I spotted a Taco Bell across the street, and it looked packed. It was obviously open. So I drove across the street and, sure enough, it was business as usual. While
ordering, I asked the staff about the immigration rally. They said no one
from their restaurant was absent. They also said they had twice as much
business as usual that day—which makes perfect sense, if the nearby competition
is unable to provide service to customers. Oh, the irony: the TACO BELL
is not just open, but THRIVING, because of the illegal alien walk out! And
now I know that next time I am hungry in that part of town, I should, pardon the
pun, “run for the border.” I wonder how many other people who found
themselves at Taco Bell instead of their preferred Jack in the Box feel the
same? I know at least one other customer in line with me at Taco Bell had
come over from Jack in the Box, and he seemed pretty upset by the whole ordeal.
I bet he isn’t ever going back to the restaurant that panders to illegal

So, the lesson learned is:

If business A closes its doors because of the illegal aliens, business B which stays open will reap the rewards. Maybe the real message here is that your business
should only hire citizens and legal residents? Sounds about right to me!

Hmmm… Capitalism at work… Imagine

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