Trafficking in Oregon Driver’s Licenses…80,000 on the street. The biggest immigration scandal ever in Oregon.

October 7, 2005


Isn’t it interesting that after years of prodding by free marketeers to privatize the Oregon DMV, the state chose to “privatize” by granting the gig to a company that deals only with spanish speaking people and illegal aliens? Whoops! Turns out our boys are accused crooks, to boot. Forging documents, running a racketeering outfit, and, oh yeah, money laundering are among the dozens of charges. Prosecutors say it seems this man, a former DMV employee, got drivers licenses for as many as 80,000 illegal aliens. That’s not a typo: 80,000.
Are you ticked that Oregon gives out driver’s licenses to illegal aliens? It’s worse than that, however, Oregon is complicit in seeking out illegal aliens to whom to give services. Check it out
here. Check out the Oregonians for Immigration Reform website for more information here.

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