Today We March, Tomorrow We Vote

April 10, 2006


JD Hayworth says conservatives want cheap labor, democrats want cheap votes. At Pioneer Square I saw signs reading Jobs for Justice, Che Guevarra, Hecho en Mexico, Don’t Separate Us From Our Parents, No to HR 4437, Immigrants Made This Nation and I heard a well received speech about Atzlan! Here’s the Plan About Atzlan. Here’s my post about it. Here’s my post on where you can contact your Senators.
The pro illegal alien crowd is also getting more media savvy and making sure they carried American flags this time around after blowback from their racist marches last time.
Is anyone inconvenienced at all by the Latino walk outs today? Me neither.Some businesses reportedly closed for the lunch hour because their illegal alien work force left for the picket lines. Hello, ICE? You there? May 1st is the planned walk out by Latinos. And once again, what’s the background for all of this? Ah, yes, The Plan. Here’s Oregon’s biggest MEChA organization at the U of O. And here’s The Plan.

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