This generation’s Nazis

February 24, 2006


In Paris a 23 year old Jewish man was laid to rest after being kidnapped, tortured and murdered by a gang of Islamofacists. Last night on the Victoria Taft Show, John Loftus spoke of the shared background of the new wave of Islamofacists and Nazis. Sadly, he appears to be right.

Halimi’s family and others in the Jewish community said that had the authorities admitted earlier that the young man had been attacked for being a Jew, he could possibly have been saved.Halimi was found dying, covered with burns and cuts, on Monday February 13. He had been kidnapped three weeks earlier, after a Muslim gang sent a blonde to seduce him. Halimi had agreed to meet with her after meeting in a chat room. Immediately after his abduction his mother went to the police, saying he was kidnapped by anti-Semites. Sources in the community said three Jewish youngsters had managed to escape similar abdications in recent months.
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