There’s No "Eco" in This Terrorist Bunch

July 25, 2006


Great editorial in the Albany Democrat Herald on the “the Family”– that bunch of people who committed sabotage and terrorism against all manner of targets all in the name of ‘saving the earth.'( See excerpt below)
And don’t forget the lesson here: these same people were part and parcel of not only the Earth Liberation Front, but the ANIMAL Liberation Front and the Anti War Movement. If the protesters look the same every week it’s because they ARE the same people; it’s just that THIS week they’re wearing a different shirt and carrying a different sign. They’ve been outed as dilettantes and frauds.

They bombed installations such as wild-horse corrals in Burns, a federal plant inspection station in Washington state, and a lumber company office in Monmouth. They also torched a lumber mill office in Glendale and a truck dealer in Eugene. In all, they launched 16 firebombings or other attacks between 1997 and 2001.
Predictably, their actions proved pointless. Meat eating was not reduced. The fate of domestic animals was not improved. In attacking research laboratories, they destroyed material intended to improve the environment by better farming practices.

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