The “Zero” Goes to Three-Days-a-Week Delivery; Publishing Everyday. Staff Layoffs.

June 20, 2013

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oregonian-o-logo-240wMore thoughtful comments later but the Oregonian–the big O–the Zero–is going to three day a week deliveries but will continue to publish everyday. Considering its journalistic kin in the Advance Publications, Inc. newspaper family have already done this, it’s not a big shock, but it’s sad.

Creative destruction is reducing the impact of “newspapers”, but not journalism, let’s hope. 

Sadly, more Oregonian workers will be out of a job today, too. From Willamette Week,

Publisher N. Christian Anderson III informed readers at 10 am that the paper will continue to publish seven days a week, but will only offer home delivery on Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. He also announced that newsroom layoffs are imminent. 

We’ll see how this shakes out but Willamette Week saw this coming,

WW broke news June 14 that The Oregonian Publishing Co. filed an application in May with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for protection of a new brand name: Oregonian Media Group. This morning, Anderson confirmed in a press release that the state’s major daily newspaper has started a second company, Advance Central Services of Oregon.