OSU’s MSA Group Worships Here

When and where did Mo Mo become radicalized? Was it during his time at OSU at the local mosque? We don’t really know except that he tells the FBI informant:

“[I]t was when he turned fifteen, and he explained that during Ramadan someone told him about the martyrs and the virtues, and “MOHAMUD “didn’t even have to hear anything else.” Elaborating, MOHAMUD said: “This is a decision that I made and if, if this [the truth], you know…and if you don’t sacrifice your own kids, when will victory come you know. There has to be sacrifice before you know any progress is made anywhere; anything.”

At a second meeting in August 2010, Mohamud allegedly told undercover FBI operatives he had been thinking of committing violent jihad since the age of 15. According to the affidavit, Mohamud then told the undercover FBI operatives that he had identified a potential target for a bomb: the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square on Nov. 26, 2010.
But the fact is he wasn’t ‘radicalized’ –ready to blow up others–until 19 years of age after he spent time at this mosque which is part of the OSU Muslim Student Association.
It’s worth noting that Mo Mo is the only crank who has come from this mosque that we know of, but we also know from the affidavit that an unindicted person was a student at OSU from August 2007 to July 2008. And another unindicted person was in Saudi Arabia. Mo Mo contacted both of them overseas to get to a training camp. Did they meet at this mosque through the MSA? The person who contacted Mo Mo from Pakistan was, according to page seven of the FBI affidavit, in an area in which, “Islamic militants frequently reside and train.” How did Mo Mo get acquainted with these guys who were going to set him up in a Pakistani terrorist training camp?
The Muslim Student Association was started by the Islamic Society of North America which itself was begun by the Muslim Brotherhood. ISNA is an unidicted co conspirator in what terrorism prosecutor Andy McCarthy calls “the most significant terrorism finance case in U.S. history—a designation the trial evidence proved to be well-founded.”
The OSU MSA has a click through to this organization.  
What does the MSA stand for? From the MSA’s website:

The Muslim community in Corvallis was established in the late 1970s by Muslim students attending Oregon State University. They raised enough money to begin the building of the Islamic Center which is now the home to a  flourishing, rich—diverse—community. Ever since then the Muslim’s in Corvallis have been active community members whose goal is to educate the people about the  real teachings of Islam.   Masjid (mosque) Salmaan Al-Farisi serves as a central place for gathering and worship. The congregational Jumua’ prayer is also held every week. Recently, the community has come together to begin a full time Islamic School along with its long running weekend school. The Islamic Center is a common place for weddings and ‘aqeeqas (birth celebrations). 

What are their values that they pass on to fellow Muslims? As David Horowitz has found in his well researched papers, books and website, “Discover the Networks,” (here) (and here)

“On university campuses across the U.S., tenured radicals teach their students that “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter,” and that America is “the world’s greatest terrorist state.” The Middle East Studies Association and more than 200 “Peace Studies” programs share the view that America’s terrorist enemies are in fact the voice of the world’s “oppressed,” and that by challenging the United States they are advancing the cause of “social justice.”
The views of such professors dovetail seamlessly with those of influential, well-funded student organizations that view America as the chief cause of strife between the West and the Islamic world.

The attempts to get in touch with OSU’s MSA have been fruitless, but maybe this will offer some insight. Recently Horowitz visited the campus of University of California at San Diego. He was confronted by a member of the MSA at UCSD. 
The young woman was in charge of the MSA’s “Hitler” week, a celebration of the exterminator of Jews, gays, disabled and sick. This exchange transpired.

This is the MSA and this is what student fees and your tax dollars pay for. It’s all done in the name of tolerance. Natch.
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