April 7, 2023

Episode 92

The Legacy of D-32: Why the DOJ, FBI & Media Learned Nothing from Watergate with John D. O’Connor

Author & former prosecutor John D. O'Connor talks China, Russia, Deep Throat and more!

Author & former federal prosecutor John D. O’Connor joins the program to look back on a crucial moment in the history of governmental corruption and law enforcement, the Watergate scandal. O’Connor befriended & represented Mark Felt, the FBI associate director better known as the legendary whistleblower “Deep Throat,” a revelation that O’Connor helped to reveal through a blockbuster article in Vanity Fair. O’Connor has authored two recent books on the scandal, and draws parallels between the FBI & press during that time and their modern successors. He discusses how he first came to know Mark Felt and how he convinced Felt to come clean about his role in Woodward & Bernstein’s reports. He also addresses the connections between the Democratic party & current White House and Russian interests that led to the infamous and widely-discredited “Pee Tape” dossier, why China is an existential threat to US sovereignty, and why corruption in the executive branch proves that the DOJ, FBI & media have learned nothing from the mistakes of Watergate.

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