May 15, 2023

Episode 94

The Homeless Industrial Complex and its War on Self-Respect with Kevin Dahlgren

Addiction specialist and advocate for the homeless Kevin Dahlgren discusses how lax drug policy and radical progressives are keeping the homeless from escaping horrible fates.

The US is suffering from a homelessness epidemic. In major cities across the nation, citizens and police are dealing with spikes in overdose, thefts, violent crime, and unsafe conditions.On this very special edition of The Adult in the Room, Victoria is joined by Kevin Dahlgren, an expert in the fields of homelessness and substance abuse and a community organizer for several advocacy groups who believes two major factors are making the problem worse: drug & alcohol addiction, and the validation of homelessness as a life path by progressive groups who see capitalism as the root of the problem and will even forcibly interfere with good-faith efforts to help the less fortunate — a policy he calls “loving them to death.”



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