The Environmental Movement as a Religion Advances in the UK

November 11, 2009


H/T Washington Policy Center
In Britain, as in the US, you can’t fire somebody because of the religious values they hold. In the UK, a judge’s decision has held that a man’s environmental beliefs are the same as holding religious values, therefore, to fire the guy based on some cockamamie, money losing, idiotic ideas he had for the company, is to fire him for his religious beliefs.
From The Economist here:

The case on which the judge ruled was that of Tim Nicholson, who used to be “head of sustainability” for a residential-property firm called Grainger.
Mr Nicholson claims, for example, that other executives stymied his attempts to devise a carbon-management system for the firm by failing to give him the necessary data. He also accused Rupert Dickinson, the firm’s chief executive, of “contempt” for his green views. Mr Dickinson, for example, made an employee fly from London to Ireland to bring him a BlackBerry that he had left behind.

On the bright side, when this legal theory manifests itself in the US, perhaps we’ll be able to use the fraudulent legal theory that there is a “separation” of church and state. It’s worked well keeping Jesus out of the civic life, maybe it would work for the religion of environmentalism. Probably not, though.

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