The Democrats’ "Bully Bill" is a Speech Code and Thought Crimes Measure. Period.

The democrats and BRO trot out their bullying ‘research’ which mysteriously happens to come as they’re proposing this “bully” bill which is a speech code. This comes out one day before BRO takes to the capitol steps to rally for for the bully/speech code.

People: this covers jokes in the hallway, yo mama so fat jokes, trash talking on the basketball court, the soccer pitch, the baseball diamond and the football field. Jokes where someone takes offense or has his/her feelings hurt is covered by this code. They’re proposing a state law to keep kids from teasing each other. Think about it. It’s daft.

This is in reality is entree for LGBT and BRO folks to force students to think of gay kids as engaging in normal behavior. They’re trying to extinguish religious beliefs that find fault with the behavior. Love the sinner and hate the sin etc. They don’t want anyone to cast judgement in any way, shape, or form on the gay life style. So they want to remove that thought from the heads of the kids and make darn sure nothing like that comes out of their mouths. And they want a STATE LAW to require it. Kids who previously may have had a conversation about the behavior now will instead lawyer up because their “feelings are hurt.” Hooey.
This is a thought crime bill (and the LGBT lawyers full employment bill). If kids’ feelings are hurt, let the principal and mom and dad handle it. Keep “THE STATE” out of it.

Check out KPAM.COM/VICTORIA’S PAGE for our interview with the head of the education committee who swears, among other things, that this bill will not result in state overreach, increased litigation, or a list of what ‘acceptable’ speech or jokes will be allowed. Ha.

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