The Al Qaeda Prison Manual Used by Gitmo Bad Guys. Yeah, We Knew That…

July 20, 2006


But I guess it’s news to WaPo where they cite a CIA report found on The Smoking Gun:
(Naturally the administration has been saying this all along but MSM refused to believe ’em).
The first wave of detainees at the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, created their own internal organizational structure to maintain morale, resist interrogation and recruit members, adhering to instructions in a 10-year-old al-Qaeda training manual, according to a classified report by analysts in the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center.

On several occasions since the first prisoners were sent to Guantanamo Bay in 2002, administration officials have publicly alleged that captives were following training outlined in the al-Qaeda manual. Staging hunger strikes and inventing claims of abuse are two of the tactics described, officials have said.
The Smoking Gun noted that although the report was prepared almost four years ago, “U.S. concerns about communication methods of detainees has not waned. Following last month’s simultaneous suicides of three inmates, authorities alleged that other detainees may have aided the trio in killing themselves as part of a broader plot to disrupt the facility.”
The CIA report suggests several steps to counteract the al-Qaeda approach, including inhibiting communication and contact inside and outside the prison.

I can see it now: International condemnation because we don’t let these guys talk to each other now…

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