The ACLU Files a Lawsuit Against the NSA…

January 17, 2006


Nice logo, ACLU, how much did this cost? Will taxpayers pick up the tab for this too?

I wonder how much money the ACLU will make from this charade? They still get their fees no matter how specious the claim. Don’t give me that “they work for free” nonsense. They did, however, recently turn down some funding from their regular patrons. Why? The reason may surprise you. This is a must read. PS. Listen to the show Wednesday night at 8:05 to get the low down on that part of the ACLU’s business dealings.
Why would the ACLU of all groups not want the US to connect the dots in the war on terror?
Here’s something you may wish to know about the “scandal” at the NSA:
As is typical of such wartime operations, the NSA program was classified at the highest level of secret information. It was, nevertheless, completely different from the kind of rogue intelligence operations of which the Nixon era is emblematic (though by no means the only case). The Bush administration internally vetted the program, including at the Justice Department, to confirm its legal footing. It reviewed (and continues to review) the program every 45 days. It briefed the bipartisan leadership of Congress (including the intelligence committees) at least a dozen times. It informed the chief judge of the federal Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), the tribunal that oversees domestic national-security wiretapping. And it modified the program in mid-2004 in reaction to concerns raised by the chief judge, national-security officials, and government lawyers.Far from being a pretextual use of war powers to spy on political opponents and policy dissenters, the NSA program has been dedicated to national security. More to the point, it has saved lives, helping break up at least one al-Qaeda conspiracy to attack New York City and Washington, D.C., in connection with which a plotter named Iyman Faris was sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment.

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