Taft v Martens: Oregon SOS Spokeswoman Called Out By MSM

March 29, 2006


Anne Martens, Secretary of State Bill Bradbury’s spokeswoman, scripter and scribe, has opined on a blog (here) that I, Operation ID, State Representative Linda Flores, and anyone else who believes in getting a handle on illegal immigration and halting free long term benefits to non US citizens is a racist.
When she began catching flak for writing this screed, she issued a ‘disclaimer’ (here) attempting to placate those who wondered if the chief spokeswoman for the SOS could be fair and objective in dealing with the issue. The SOS’s office, of course, controls the elections process in the state of Oregon and therefore could check (as we requested) for citizenship on the new, but alas, compromised data base of voters in Oregon. She IS the SOS’s spokeswoman. She belittled the OPERATION ID letters before she received them thereby dismissing out of hand the requests contained therein.
Well finally, the MSM has our back. The Albany Democrat Herald weighs in calling out Ms. Martens on her attempt to have it both ways: Unbiased at the office AND anti illegal immigration reform, bomb throwing, screed writing partisan on her own time. What the DH fails to point out below is that until she was caught in the act, Martens didn’t believe she had to separate private from professional. The arrogance with which the SOS’s office (and others) operates is the problem. They don’t believe you matter. Only their agenda matters. The personal was the professional. That’s the way it has been in Oregon and that’s why it’s time for a regime change. I’m glad she outed herself for all the state to see.

“…she is kidding herself that as a spokeswoman for Bradbury and a state employee she has a completely private life in which she can make fun of legislators’ names and accuse others of “vitriol” without some raised eyebrows among people interested in politics and public life.That’s one of the downsides of blogs. Bloggers can easily get carried away by the freewheeling atmosphere where anything goes and no restraint applies. If someone in a prominent position contributes to such a site, even as a private person, she can’t be surprised if anyone takes offense. “

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